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Other than BriarPatch Food Co-op, where else do you go to shop for groceries?

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  • “BriarPatch is our main go-to and we only use other stores at times due to location or quantity of needs. When possible we always make the effort to visit you (90-95% of our shopping dollars)!!”
  • “I live in Meadow Vista and shop at the BriarPatch for my main shopping and supplement at Trader Joe’s and Holiday Market in Meadow Vista.”

Where do you usually purchase the following products?

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  • “I also buy a lot of produce from SPD and the farmers market. I buy ALL bulk items from BriarPatch.”
  • “My husband loves the fresh pizzas you take home and bake yourself from New Earth Market. Almost everything else we eat comes from The BriarPatch unless we’re running in for something or you didn’t have it.”

What proportion of your grocery budget does your household spend at BriarPatch Food Co-op in an average week?

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  • “I live on 915 dollars a month. I LOVE BriarPatch, and I buy spices and bulk stuff, as well as things I can’t find anywhere else. About twice a year I buy your lobster and bacon. I also really LOVE your produce section!”

How often do you shop at BriarPatch Food Co-op?

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  • “Some prices have been pretty good. I take advantage of whatever is on sale, both at BriarPatch and Natural Selection. It seems to work out. Each store has its own niche.”
  • “We have two houses and spend time at both. When we are in Nevada City, we shop at BriarPatch just about each time we are there. In fact, there are some items (dairy, nuts) that I mostly buy at BriarPatch.”
  • “I applaud your store and service. I just find my Holiday Store convenient. However, they do not have the selection your store has and I do miss that.”
  • “Our family really enjoys how BriarPatch supports local farms and farmers the most which is why we buy our produce here. It seems in recent years there has been less local farms represented in your produce section than what was represented in the past but we are hopeful that isn’t the case. I hope BriarPatch will continue to support our local farms that work hard to grow organic food because they need that support. As long as BriarPatch does that, we will buy our produce there.”
  • “For my food needs BriarPatch is awesome and there are only very few things I go elsewhere to get. Some examples are there is a cheese in wax you carry, and a liver pate you carry but my very favorite flavor in those brands you do not carry so I go to SPD. Your dairy section is wonderful though. I do wish the deli had more carb free or paleo friendly things ready to try, at least on rotation”
  • “I love BriarPatch! One store comment: opening up the deli/food bar space would be great- it gets congested and feels stressful at times.”

Please rate (from 5 to 0) how well BriarPatch Food Co-op meets your needs in the following product categories.

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  • “Good chefs in the deli; generally delicious soups and baked goods. Bulk bin staff are very helpful and the area is kept very tidy — a challenge for that area. Produce area is well kept also; sometimes the vegetables seem a bit expensive but there are also sales that compensate for that.”
  • “Bakery could use more fresh berries in their goods. The soups are remaining the same often. There used to be more of a variety. Some days two chickens, macrobiotic, and the others used to be potato, broccoli, squash, pea, lentil, veg, pumpkin, banana squash soup (I miss the variety of more other than chicken, rice, micro).”

Please rate (from 5 to 0) how interested you would be in the following:

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  • “I am a member of the BriarPatch Food Co-op & I would much prefer to walk into the store for certain organic products, like veggies, fruit, bulk rice, beans, nuts, etc. I would never order anything from Amazon (Whole Foods), especially when it come to fresh produce!”
  • “more SHADED patio seating would be nice”
  • “While I appreciate the convenience of online shopping, it’s important to get out of the house and I love the community feeling and people at BriarPatch”
  • “Keeping food affordable and employees properly compensated is my priority.”
  • “We are very satisfied with how things are now. But if you were to grow the store in different areas, that seems to be good.”
  • “I liked how at the Joerschke Dr location there was a little grassy area out front to sit. Also the Ashland Co-op has a large round donut shaped garden with built in cement seating which makes it real easy to just plop down with your bite to eat and be part of the landscape & community. We really enjoy these kind of outdoor spaces. The “new” outdoor space isn’t inviting to me for some reason.”
  • “We have a big family and ordering from the café is a lot of work. It would be great if we could order everything, grab a beeper, and pay. Then come back to pickup food when it’s ready. That way we don’t need to linger around the salad bar, taking up space.” [Note: We’ve got beepers now! Be sure to ask if you’d like to use one.]

Q8 – Are you a BriarPatch Co-op Owner?

Does being a member of a cooperative business, like BriarPatch, influence you to spend more at your Co-op?

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  • “Absolutely…I prefer to shop early in the morning when there are fewer customers, but also like the hot foods options later in the morning… so that is my challenge…I have really noticed the increase in shoppers in the recent years…thank you for improving parking and access. I hoped you can retain the lovely landscaping near the building with your new expansion cause it is adds to the specialness of the shopping experience at the Co-op!”

How long have you been a BriarPatch Food Co-op Owner?

Which Owner benefits do you find the most attractive?

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  • “I like the 10% off months, not sure which one that is…. I didn’t know we had owner discounts at other local businesses or a special order discount. I don’t really read the newsletter, would prefer an online version. I do not purchase tickets at the Patch.”
  • “I originally joined back when members got a 5% discount on everything, which was the main reason I joined. The dividends and the occasional member discount months are also attractive benefits.”
  • “I was not aware that owners could get discounts at other businesses. By the way, my husband is 63 and I’m 62, and one of the checkers told me that we could get a senior discount when one of us turned 62. I never knew this until just a few months ago, and the change was made then. I had no idea this was a perk I could get. It would have been really nice if your computer system could have been programmed to make this change when a person turns 62. (It already provides my name when I give my owner number, so maybe it could do this, too.)”
  • “I haven’t used any of these benefits. It’s just always been important to me to belong to the food co-op in my neighborhood, so we joined when we moved here.”
  • “It’s fun to get a little off at the cash register now and then. I didn’t know about the special order discount, or the discounts at other local business.”
  • “Probably because I don’t get printed newsletter, I don’t always know when we have a monthly discount, but the checkers tell me. How can I easily find this out ahead of time so I can plan?

To what extent are you aware that BriarPatch Food Co-op:

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  • “I am a very long-time BriarPatch customer and former member — but now as a Senior customer — my senior discount means I don’t have to be a formal member to get the good prices — although I do miss some special offers.”
  • “The coop does a great job in the community, making this area a very attractive place to live. I do wonder whether a greater portion of the money spent by members can be returned to members at some time.”
  • “BriarPatch is amazing! Thank you for all you do. We are so fortunate to have this coop in our community. I love the cooking classes. The Annual Report was the best yet. Good job!”
  • “I attend the terrific cooking classes offered at the BriarPatch Cooking School and they are over the top the best anywhere! Not only do you have a wide range of cooking topics but the instructors are great and the class fees are most reasonable. These classes are so much fun and I love how well they are run/presented.”

Please rate (5 – 0) how likely it is that you would recommend BriarPatch Food Co-op to family, friends, and colleagues.

Comments Sample:

  • “When my daughter (age 26) comes to visit from Sacramento, we always go to the BriarPatch. She tells me how lucky I am!”
  • “We love BP! I’d say that after the outdoor activities that Nevada County offers, BriarPatch is a close second to why my partner and I chose Nevada City to settle in.”

Please rate (5 – 0) your overall satisfaction with BriarPatch Food Co-op?

Comments Sample:

  • “Again, despite the fact that I have a fixed income and need to budget pretty tightly and therefore shop elsewhere sometimes, I still love BP and enjoy going there all the time”
  • “My one complaint is space. It’s not big enough, with room enough in the aisles. I know you’re planning to expand. I trust that will help this situation.”
  • “I love the BriarPatch in so many ways. I just wish there were more everyday owner discounts, since I don’t use the special order discount or any of the other discount programs.”

Do you have any additional comments about BriarPatch or your shopping experience that you would like to share?

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  • “I’m really grateful that BriarPatch is part of the community and provides healthy and yummy food. Thanks so much to the staff for being so kind and helpful.”
  • “I grew up in Nevada County, my family history goes back to the 1950’s. I am amazed to see how our community has grown over the years. Places like the Co-Op are a huge influence to the positive changes in our community. Thank you so much!!”
  • “In addition to the excellent organic foods offered at reasonable prices, I equally value the friendly, neighborhood feeling created by the staff. Shopping at BriarPatch is an enjoyable, community experience.”
  • “I love the people who work at the Patch. Our initial visit to the BriarPatch was a major impetus to moving to Nevada County. We also love the organic veggie starts!”
  • “A great place to shop. I enjoy the people, the atmosphere, I’m very happy to have this store to shop at. Keep up the good work.”
  • “I love that I KNOW I can trust BriarPatch when shopping for myself (I have health issues and have to be super careful on what I eat), and for my family! I appreciate the work you are ALL doing to represent a honest and conscientious grocery store. BriarPatch is how ALL grocery stores should be!”

Residence ZIP code.

How far do you travel (one way) to shop at the Co-op?

Please rate (from 5 to 0) how interested you are in receiving these topics of information from BriarPatch?