2019 BriarPatch Board Candidates













NB: All candidates’ responses are unedited.

KWONG CHEW – What do you love about BriarPatch? “To me, BriarPatch is the vital pillar and beacon of our way of life locally. I love that we are a social hub, the vibrancy, the sense of mission

and commitment for a better community and larger world. I love how we are contributing to positive living in our community and I have the skill set and experience to be helpful.”

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DEBBIE FREDERICK – What do you love about BriarPatch? “I  love the open welcoming environment. I love the diversity among the shoppers, I love the variety of fresh amazing unique product and the fact the Patch uses many local growers keeping revenue locally growing the community, I love that we can come in and shop for our groceries. Also, the ability to get piping hot fresh food ready to go at the hot bar or the option to have something hot or cold freshly made to order with the most friendly deli crew anywhere. I also love our bulk depatment where  you can get as much or as little as needed for special recipes. The spice selection is faboulous and the tea’s are the freshest..” 
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ANGELICA NIBLOCK – What do you love about BriarPatch? “The current corporate paradigm is failing; inequity, irresponsible corporate behavior, and exploitation of natural resources is out of hand. Cooperatives are an opportunity to take an active role in creating opportunities for others, to align systems and stakeholders for mutual positive interaction, and to circulate non-financial value as well as leverage financial value for the future of our community.”
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KATIE TURNERWhat do you love about BriarPatch? “I think that the BriarPatch is an amazing place to shop, gather, and experience the welcoming culture of the area we call home. It’s a community hub that makes going grocery shopping feel like an enjoyable excursion rather than a necessary chore. When I go to BriarPatch I feel lucky to connect with the fantastic staff and clientele. It is definitely a place I love and to which I feel deeply connected.”>
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ALAN WEISBERG – What do you love about BriarPatch? “More than anything else, I love what the BriarPatch has become since moving to its new store ten years ago:  a true community hub for people concerned with living a healthy life style, an organization that through its carefully crafted Ends Policies stays focused on its wonderful goals, and an alternative to most profit-making business models that care most about profit.  BriarPatch cares first and foremost about people:  its members, its employees, and the broader community.”
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Login information for online voting was mailed to voters a couple of days before the Election began on May 1. Emails with login information were sent at 12:01am May 1.

ONLINE ELECTION IS MAY 1 through 5pm, MAY 15, 2019
According to our Bylaws, each Owner household is entitled to one vote by the primary Owner of Record. Last year, 795 Owners voted (9.3% of eligible voters), which was a 13% increase over the 2017 turnout (704 votes). We expect another large increase in Owner involvement this year! Our elections are managed by our third party, secure voting service, Simply Voting. Simply Voting manages the online election and independently verifies the results.

– Owners who want to make sure they receive all notifications from the Co-op are encouraged to keep contact information updated. Please email your new contact information to updateinfo@briarpatch.coop

Many thanks to the BriarPatch Elections Team, the Board of Directors, and all the BriarPatch staff who work so hard to make every election enjoyable, successful, and professional!