At BriarPatch we believe a better banana is long overdue. For over a century, large multi-national corporations have payed almost nothing for land and labor and used their massive political power to dominate industries like bananas. Well, now there are alternatives.

BriarPatch is proud to carry Fair Trade Certified and organic bananas from Equal Exchange and Coliman, along with GROW organic bananas from Organics Unlimited, who also uses fair trade practices but is not certified. All three companies support small scale farmers throughout Latin America, fair wages for workers, investing in communities where the fruit is grown, and the strict use of organic growing practices.

Come taste the organic difference, support farmworkers, and be a part of real change! We think our un-conventional bananas really are THAT great.

Check out the video below to find out how Equal Exchange is partnering with Food Co-ops like BriarPatch to build a better banana supply chain. Together, step-by-step, we are creating a real alternative to conventional bananas. Join the banana revolution!