BriarPatch Food Co-op Round-up at the Register program

The Co-op CAUSE program allows you to donate easily at checkout to a community endeavor aligned with the Co-op’s Ends Policies. Together we can raise a substantial amount for these causes by focusing attention on a given project for several weeks.

As you check out, just ask the cashier to round up your total payment to the nearest dollar or more. The amount over and above the purchase total — 100 percent of it — will be donated to the designated project.Save






Sierra Harvest

Sierra Harvest works with a robust network of organizations and individuals to ensure that all of Nevada County thrives within a vibrant local food movement.
When our community eats, grows, and loves local, fresh, organic food, children will understand where their food comes from, will get to know a farmer, and will enjoy school lunches cooked from scratch. Farmers and ranchers will expand their operations, thus employing more people, and they’ll make a living wage and feed the community while regenerating the land. Friends and neighbors will grow their own food, share their harvest with those in need, and support a strong community-based economy.
Help them out via the BriarPatch Co-op CAUSE program. During the month of December, as you check out, just ask the cashier to round up your total to the nearest dollar (or more!) Every penny of what you give will go directly to Sierra Harvest.
Want to know more about farms and food systems? Sierra Harvest will host the 9th Annual Sustainable Food & Farm Conference on February 7-10, 2019. Register at


NOVEMBER RECIPIENT: One Source-Empowering Caregivers

One Source-Empowering Caregivers (OSEC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer organization. In the first step of the OSEC program, Volunteer Care specialists are trained to give care by a team of nurses and caregiving experts. The Specialists are then ready to offer caregivers approximately four hours a week of welcome and much-needed respite. The caregivers are free to go and do whatever they want, secure in the knowledge that their loved one has the safe and compassionate companionship of a thoroughly trained and vetted Volunteer Care Specialist.






During September, we will be contacting all 2019 CAUSE and Community Fund applicants (applications were due Aug. 31 2018). Please call 530 272-5333 ext. 127 if you submitted an application and didn’t receive a call from BriarPatch by September 12, 2018.
2019 CAUSE recipients will be featured for an assigned period during 2019. The new applications for 2020 are available for download. The deadline for 2020 applications is August 31, 2019 at 5pm.

Applications for the 2020 CAUSE are available for download.

2018 Recipient Groups

February – Wolf Creek Community Alliance

March – The Nest Family Resource

April – Neighborhood Center for the Arts

May –Community Legal, Inc.

June – Barbara Schmidt Miller/ Celebration of Life Triathlon

July – Sierra Nevada Children’s Services

August – Sammie’s Friends

September – KARE Crisis Nursery

October – Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release

November – One Source – Empowering Caregivers

December – Sierra Harvest


2017 Recipient Groups

December/January – Hospitality House

February/March – Nevada City Winter Farmers Market

April/May – Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release

June/July – Neighborhood Center of the Arts

August/September – NEO, New Events and Opportunities (for youth)

October/November – Nevada County Grown

December/January – Divine Spark

2018 Recipient Groups

To be selected in September 2017.