coop-cause-logoBriarPatch Co-op’s donation program to generate more support for our community.

The Co-op CAUSE program allows you to donate easily at checkout to a community endeavor aligned with the Co-op’s Ends Policies. Together we can raise a substantial amount for these causes by focusing attention on a given project for several weeks.

As you check out, just ask the cashier to round up your total payment to the nearest dollar or more. The amount over and above the purchase total — 100 percent of it — will be donated to the designated project.

APRIL / MAY RECIPIENT:  Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release

Has your child ever brought you a baby bird that couldn’t fly, asking you to help it? Have you ever found an injured squirrel, raccoon, or hawk and wondered what to do? Call Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release – (530) 432-5522.
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release (WR&R) rescues injured or orphaned wild animals and birds, treats their injuries, feeds them healthy, species-appropriate
foods and releases them back into the wild. This past year WR&R received over 1,200 animals and birds, and more than 800 of them were released back to the wild, transferred to another facility or kept for additional treatment.
WR&R is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization whose 70 trained “rehabbers” work long hours to provide these hurting critters with the care they need. It takes an annual budget of $60,000 to pay for the food, caging, medication, and vet bills. Some of the animals that received treatment this past year include:

  • A pygmy owl that was hit by a car. After receiving medication and a careful evaluation, it was released back to the wild.
  • Baby cottontail rabbits were found by a woman who was mowing her grass in the spring. Though uninjured, these tiny, furless babies required special rehab care. Once they were old enough they were successfully released.
  • A Bewick’s wren was caught in a sticky fly-trap. After careful extraction from the trap, the wren was cared for, fed, and released a month later.
  • A bat was trapped in a garage over a long weekend. In its weakened state it wound up in a barrel of sawdust. Rehabbers hydrated and fed the bat, then released it the following day.

Thanks to the Co-op CAUSE program that allows BriarPatch shoppers to round up their purchases. This funding will go towards the food and care that so many birds and animals would find in no other place. We thank you for your contributions and your caring!






2017 CAUSE recipients are featured as our CAUSE for a two month period.

2018 CAUSE recipients will run for a one month period so we can offer more organizations time as our featured CAUSE.

Applications for 2018 CAUSE and 2017 Community Fund due August 31, 2017.

2017 Recipient Groups

December/January – Hospitality House

February/March – Nevada City Winter Farmers Market

April/May – Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release

June/July – Neighborhood Center of the Arts

August/September – NEO, New Events and Opportunities (for youth)

October/November – Nevada County Grown

December/January – Divine Spark

2018 Recipient Groups

To be selected in September 2017.