BriarPatch Food Co-op Round-up at the Register program

The Co-op CAUSE program allows you to donate easily at checkout to a community endeavor aligned with the Co-op’s Ends Policies. Together we can raise a substantial amount for these causes by focusing attention on a given project for several weeks.

As you check out, just ask the cashier to round up your total payment to the nearest dollar or more. The amount over and above the purchase total — 100 percent of it — will be donated to the designated project.Save





June CAUSE: Sierra Harvest

Sierra Harvest’s mission is to educate, inspire, and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local, seasonal food. They do this through programs for children, the community and local farmers.

Programs for children include the Food Love Farm, the Farm to School program and a School Food program. Sierra Harvest gives 9,500 students an opportunity to eat healthy and feel great by connecting young people and their families with fresh local foods and the farmers who grow them.

Sierra Harvest Farm Institute helps farmers learn farm skills, build a better farm business, find farmland, and connect with the community through events like the annual Food and Farm Conference.

Sierra Harvest provides opportunities for the public to get to know their farmer and local food system.  Folks can celebrate local famers at the annual Soup Night, visit local farms and ranches during a summer series of farm potlucks, enroll in a Sierra Garden program, and get access to fresh, local food with the Calfresh program.

2019 CAUSE recipients will be featured for an assigned period during 2019. The new applications for 2020 are available for download. The deadline for 2020 applications is August 31, 2019 at 5pm.

Applications for the 2020 CAUSE are available for download.