Best Board Election ever?

From Richard Drace, Board President

It’s strange to write about the future from the past. By the time you all read this, our election of new Board directors will have happened, but as I’m writing this in late April, I don’t know yet how good our voter turnout was or the final election results that will determine who our new directors will be.
The results I do know are these: we will be moving forward after our most robust election ever – resulting from great outreach that encouraged members to run for the Board; resulting in six strong candidates for our three open positions; resulting in more reason than ever to get out and vote; and hopefully resulting in even greater voter turnout than ever as our smoothly running electronic voting system makes voting easier than ever.
Our prior Board elections have mostly seen incumbent directors running for re-election, with a very modest voter turnout. I’d like to think that this was because you, our owners, were generally content with the way the Board was representing you. Yet a vital board needs fresh energy as well as experience and continuity. I’ll very much miss working with Debbie and Louise, who decided not to seek re-election, and I heartily thank them both for their commitment to our Co-op. And I wish Alana the best of luck with her campaign as she seeks re-election. So we will have two and possibly three new directors on our Board.
So how did it go? Who won, and how was the turnout? Who won the staff betting pool on how many people voted? I don’t know yet but I do know our Board Development Committee and BriarPatch staff collaborated very well to reach out and recruit, publicize the election, and refine the online voting process.
How will our new Board function and get along? I’m betting we’ll be a cohesive bunch that will discuss ideas and issues enthusiastically and sometimes adamantly, that will continue to collaborate well with management, and come to resolutions that reflect our commitment to speaking with one voice as a Board.
I just might have custom T-shirts made up for us all that say “Plays Well With Others.” I just might have another version made up – to be worn only rarely – that says “Sometimes Runs With Scissors.”
Congratulations to our new directors and to all of you who came out to vote.

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