BriarPatch 2017 “melon experience” tour

On a beautiful and warm August day, 75 BriarPatch owners, families, and members of our community gathered at the Johansen Organic Farm in Penn Valley for the annual BriarPatch Farm Tour.
Rich and Mila Johansen have 37 acres in Penn Valley, and spent the tour educating visitors on how they manage 12 cultivated and organic acres for maximum quality and yield to supply BriarPatch with delicious and organic produce.
The Johansens have been supplying the Co-op with organic Satsuma Mandarins, Clementines, Navel and Blood Oranges, and Meyer Lemons for decades. In the last several years, the winter squash and melons grown at their Penn Valley farm have become favorites, just like their citrus.
David Benson, our produce manager, was out touring the farm that day. He said, ” It was a hot day, so it was great to see so many owners out touring the farm. After the tour, Mila gave me a sample of the Red Kabocha Squash that we will be carrying very soon. My 15 year-old son loved it – he says it tastes like Chestnuts!”
Guests were treated to a brunch provided by the BriarPatch Deli, and were able to try the wonderful melons grown on the farm. Many heartfelt thank-yous to the Johansen Family!