Community Room

The Community Room is currently unavailable for use as BriarPatch will be using the space during upcoming remodels.

We have put together a pdf of alternate local venues for gatherings.

Patio Tabling

The primary mission of BriarPatch Co-op is to serve its owners and other customers. Policies related to tabling are intended to support our mission. Therefore, BriarPatch Management reserves the right to grant or deny tabling privileges and to revoke tabling privileges if it considers doing so to be in the best interest of the co-op as a whole.

(Court rulings have held that in a situation such as BriarPatch’s, the business can set conditions for, or deny, tabling activities. For example, see Albertson’s Inc. v. Young, 2003, and Van v. Home Depot, 2007, which narrowed the Court’s 1979 Robins v. Pruneyard decision.)

Tabling on BriarPatch Co-op premises is welcome within specific guidelines. Courtesy and mutual respect cover most situations.

Designated Locations for various types of groups

Local non-profit groups and schools may set up tables between the entrances, behind or in the front arc of the planter, allowing shoppers direct access from the exit to the parking lot. Please see the attached map.

Non-local nonprofit and political groups may set up tables between the planters across from the annex building, to the east of the entrance.


  • Check in at the Customer Service Counter when you arrive to table.
  • Selling goods or services or their exchange for a donation must be approved on your application in advance.
  • Bring your own table and chairs. Co-op benches, chairs, and tables are for the use of customers.
  • Only one or two people may actively greet shoppers and solicit their participation.
  • Signs may not be taped, nailed, or otherwise affixed onto Co-op property.
  • Amplification is not permitted.
  • Offensive materials, pictures, signs, dress, music, etc. are not permitted. As “offensive” is somewhat subjective, BriarPatch managers will use their judgment and respect complaints from shoppers.


Applicants may table every 30 days for up to four hours on any given day; special permission may be granted for exceptions. Only one group will be scheduled at a time, and groups may not be permitted during Co-op events and activities on the patio.

Applications for permission to table are available at the Customer Service Counter. Please complete and turn in the application at least 24 hours before your tabling is scheduled to begin. Customer Service staff will let you know if the date requested is open and application is approved.


  • You must remain in the location specified above under “Designated Locations” and on the map.
  • You must remain behind your table.
  • You must allow shoppers to decline to speak with you. Any tabling approach that intimidates or causes customers to feel pressured or uncomfortable is a major concern and will result in the loss of tabling privileges. If a customer indicates that s/he is not interested, that indication must be respected, without any attempt on the part of the person tabling to argue, further persuade, etc. Persons tabling may not follow customers, call out or yell for customers to come over, or otherwise harass customers as determined by management.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

Tabling Policy & Application

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