Cooperative Principle #6

Cooperation among Cooperatives

It’s rare to see smiling faces as a group tries to load a heavy, industrial, three-door refrigerator into a U-Haul. But that is exactly what happened on August 30th. Staff members from Great Basin Co-op and Placerville Natural Foods Co-op each made an hour and half trek to BriarPatch to take advantage of Co-op Principle #6, Cooperation among Cooperatives.
Our renovation has done wonders for refreshing our Co-op. We now have roomier shopping areas, more open registers, and more energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration. But what does that mean for all the old gear? Up-cycling in true cooperative style, of course!
Great Basin Co-op was given produce tables and risers, file cabinets, display racks, shelving, check stands and merchandisers, and a three door refrigerator. Amber Sallaberry, their General Manager, said, “These are exciting times for our Co-op as we are expanding our operations upstairs to open our first cafe, which will feature an espresso bar, fresh juices, smoothies, artisanal sandwiches, burritos, a cool case with other drinks and deli offerings, and plenty of seating for everyone to hang out. The donated equipment from BriarPatch will help us to expand our Co-op’s primary End [Policy] – Broad Access to Local and Organic Food!”
Placerville Food Co-op was given check stand merchandisers, three produce tables, small wine racks, shelving units, and display racks. They were so excited about their new gear, that the same day set up the merchandisers in their store and filled them with new products for their members to enjoy! Placerville’s General Manager, Regina Grosby, said, “Thanks to BriarPatch’s generosity, our store has access to store fixtures we could not otherwise afford. The new-to-us merchandisers will enable our small store to increase our retail offerings at the register, in produce, and in our bulk liquids.”
She went on to describe how Placerville Food Co-op helped BriarPatch during our renovation. “Coincidentally, Derek (Produce Manager) and Haley (Grocery Manager) helped with relocating BriarPatch products a few weeks ago, and their departments will benefit the most from the new fixtures. This full-circle exchange is P6 (Cooperation Among Cooperatives) in action. Thank you, BriarPatch!”
Cooperation is about unity. The full statement of Cooperative Principle #6 reads: “Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional, and international structures.” That means we are the strongest when we work together to achieve common goals. Helping our co-op neighbors refresh their stores while we renovate ours is one way we can live out Principle #6.