Donate to Sierra Harvest to bring farms to schools

Farm-Cart-MaySierra Harvest’s Farm to School program has been growing for eight years now, and my, how it has grown! From a garden cart and school garden at Hennessey School in 2008, the program has become one of the most comprehensive of its kind in California. As the 2017 school year gets underway, 22 schools with over 6,700 students are participating in Farm to School — that’s 96 percent of the K-8 population in western Nevada County!

Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School program works thanks to a dedicated team of liaisons who implement good food themes at their schools. They connect the schools with local farmers through farm field trips, farmer visits to the schools, and by providing access to fresh, seasonal produce at school garden carts.

Farm to School also provides Harvest of the Month tastings of seasonal produce throughout the school year in nearly 300 classrooms. Kale, Asian pears, microgreens, jicama, salad turnips, and persimmons are just a few of the foods students have tasted over the years. Since the program’s inception, over 21 tons of organic food have been distributed in the schools, 73 percent of the students have tried something new, and 58 percent have eaten Harvest of the Month featured items again after first tasting them at school. The program also hosts a “Tasting Week” during which guest chefs engage students in hands-on cooking demonstrations, and a local plant start sale in the spring.

Throughout October and November Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School program is the beneficiary of BriarPatch’s Co-op CAUSE program. Shopping at the Patch is already a way to support local farmers and cast your vote for a more sustainable food system. Help increase that impact by sharing it with the next generation. It’s easy! Just round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar or more at checkout and watch as all our little cents add up to big money!

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