Donate to Nevada City winter farmer’s market

Loyal volunteers create a vibrant, walkable, year-round marketplace 

coop-cause-logoThis year marks the Nevada City Farmers Market’s 10th season, and they’ll be celebrating their 10th anniversary in July 2017. To commemorate this milestone, they are piloting their first winter market on the first Saturday of every month, December through May, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Robinson Plaza at the bottom of Union Street in downtown Nevada City. The mission of the market has many facets: to enhance the quality of life and economic resilience of our community by providing access to high quality, locally grown products; to support regional, sustainable producers through direct access to consumers; to create a community meeting place; and to foster consumer education. The winter market will not only allow them to expand their mission year-round, but will also broaden the organization’s capacity to meet these goals and invigorate our local food culture.

By rounding up to the nearest dollar at the cash register, you can help create more opportunities for local producers to grow and sell during the “off season.” You will also provide consumers with direct access to high-quality, locally-grown produce (including low-income folks who are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and support the administrative and infrastrufarmers-marketcture costs that make a healthy market possible. Some of these costs include insurance to protect the market and its vendors; CDFA fees; permitting fees; management salaries; advertising to get the word out about the new winter hours and location; and supplies to keep the market/EBT booth running. In addition to introducing the new winter market, the organization is in the process of developing advocacy programs to support our local farmers and ranchers.

The success of the 2017 Winter Market could lead to a year-round market, a presence that has long been needed in the Nevada City area. The Nevada City Farmers Market thanks everyone who has helped them to thrive over the last 10 years. They hope you will continue to support their growth and vision of a vibrant food culture in Nevada County.

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