Election 2016: Directors elected, turnout up 50%

Congratulations to the candidates who were just elected to the four open seats on the BriarPatch Board of Directors: Kwong Chew, Alana Lucia, Katie Turner, and Alan Weisberg. Kwong, Alana, and Alan are returning for additional terms. Katie was elected for the first time, having been appointed to the Board earlier in 2016 to fill a vacant seat.

Over 475 BriarPatch owners voted, taking advantage of this annual opportunity to participate in the governance of our cooperatively-owned business. This year’s turnout was at least 50 percent higher than last year’s, an increase that’s presumably due to the ease of the online voting system we implemented this year. Eligible Co-op owners received an email from which they could click a single link to reach an online ballot. Those without a valid email address on file with BriarPatch received letters with simple instructions for voting online.

Online voting has been in the works behind the scenes for some time, and congratulations are also due to those who worked together to bring about the new system: the Board members who researched online voting in the first place, particularly Louise Jones and Lew Sitzer; and the staff implementation team of Andrea Echegaray, Kiyoko Wilcox and the Finance Dept. staff, Kat Bass, Brett Torgrimson, Mellisa Hannum, Stephanie Mandel… and to Dave Thomas for building the attractive voting booth.

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