Excitement builds as date for store remodel gets closer

It seems like we just finished our new solar array parking structure, expanded our parking lot, upgraded landscaping and irrigation, and made various improvements to work and storage areas. We’re in the middle of refreshing store signage, publications, and advertising to reflect our new logo, colors, and brand imagery. And now we’re going to ask everyone to get ready to watch our beloved BriarPatch Food Co-op building undergo a major remodel! Wow, does this Co-op have energy!
We realize that being a vital community hub, full service grocery store and wellness center, and meal destination for thousands of Owners and shoppers carries the responsibility for our store and staff to be ready to serve at the highest level, every day.
With this major store remodel, beginning in mid-June, we’ll see the concrete patio dug up and resurfaced, the entire patio area opened up for new seating with more shade, and new dining tables and chairs. The next step will be to enlarge the inside of our store, install new refrigerator cases and display areas, and completely revamp and expand the Customer Service area. Through all of these improvements that will bring more product choices and more sustainble energy practices to the Co-op, you’ll be called upon to shop and enjoy the store while it’s being transformed! To reward our long-time customers and shoppers new to the Co-op family, we plan to fill the months of June through October with special contests, sales, prizes, promotions, and games! Stay tuned for updates!

Architect’s rendering of the outside front of the Co-op shows the area where most of the construction beginning mid-June will take place. Work zones will be clearly marked, much work will take place at night, plenty of space will be available for shopping, and there will always be staff to help or answer questions. Information about each step will be available at BriarPatch.coop.

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  • Debbie Lindh

    Can’t wait for an expanded outdoor eating area! We love our BriarPatch!!

  • BriarPatch Co-op Community Market

    We’re in the process of pinning down the final details and are looking forward to sharing it with everyone soon, but we’re not quite ready yet.

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