Join the Co-op

It’s Easy To Join
1. Stop by customer service, read, complete, and sign an Ownership Agreement/Application.
2. Pay $20 to start. After 6 months, renew with an additional $20 payment ($10 low income rate). Continue to renew, once every 6 months, until your $200 Fair Share Investment is fully paid. Renewing keeps your ownership active and eligible for all benefits (or make the full $200 Fair Share Investment, and you will receive a $25 gift certificate).

Then reap the benefits!

Besides the tangible benefits of being a BriarPatch owner, many people join for the values:

Pride in supporting community. BriarPatch itself is a local, community-owned business, and we promote a strong and sustainable community by supporting other local businesses. Every dollar spent at BriarPatch has roughly three times as much local economic impact as a dollar spent at a non-locally owned business.

Investing in the future. BriarPatch supports products and services that ensure personal and planetary health—a legacy we can be proud to leave our children and generations to come.