Co-op Governance

The BriarPatch Board of Directors governs using a system called Policy Governance, under which the Board explains, through its policies, what it expects of the organization. This involves clearly stating 1) the desired outcomes, of all staff and volunteer efforts, through “Ends Policies” and 2) unacceptable outcomes, identified in “Executive Limitation Policies.”

The Board delegates implementation of the policies on Ends and Executive Limitations to a General Manager. The General Manager is held accountable to these goals through a series of written reports documenting compliance. The Board also crafts policies regarding its relationship with the General Manager, and for its own governance process. For more information on the Policy Governance model visit

BriarPatch Co-op’s Governing Documents

BriarPatch Cooperative Bylaws
BriarPatch Board Policy Register
BriarPatch Board Procedures Manual

BriarPatch Co-op Ends Policies

BriarPatch Co-op exists so that owners, customers, and other members of our community have:

1. A successful and vibrant cooperatively-owned business that acts as a leader among local businesses and food co-ops nationally, and contributes to environmental stewardship through its business practices.

2. Access to high quality, healthy products, especially local and organic food.

3. A community center where people experience a sense of connectedness, ownership and fellowship.

4. A stronger local food system.

5. A major employer that provides a healthy, fair, and considerate workplace for employees.

6. Access to education about food and consumer issues that encourages customers to make healthier food choices.