Owner Benefits

As an owner, enjoy special benefits

BriarPatch Ticketing Fee Waived – BriarPatch’s $2.50 per ticket fee is waived for owners. (Note: Some event producers charge their own ticketing fees, which we cannot waive.)

The opportunity to be involved – Vote and/or run for the Board of Directors and in other decision-making elections and attend our annual owner meeting.

Owner Appreciation Discount Vouchers – Released periodically, look for them inserted the newsletter and announced around the store.

Special Order Discount – On products ordered by the case from the UNFI catalog and select vendors. Use for large quantities, hard-to-find items, and products we don’t carry on our shelves.

Patronage Dividends – For years with sufficient earnings, profits may be returned to Co-op owners, in proportion to their purchases.

Food Safety Alerts – We keep up with food safety news, and send alerts by email as issues arise.

Local Business Discounts – On goods, services, and cooking classes – listed in the newsletter and here.

Newsletter Ad Discounts – Take $20 off a display ad (1-time) in the bimonthly Vine. Find out more

Community Room Discount – Pay half the hourly rental fee for nonprofit meetings and classes. Find out more

Volunteer Discount – 10% off purchases for volunteering with product sampling, outreach, and in the Community Capacity Building Program. Find out more