Have a look at some of BriarPatch Co-op’s history.

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1976 - The First BriarPatch Co-op Store

Take a look at the very first BriarPatch store, which was located on Loma Rica Drive in Grass Valley. Volunteers did a great job with it, didn’t they?

1982 – The Washington Street Store

At this location, up the hill from historic downtown Grass Valley, the Co-op gained a strong following and learned a lot about how to run a store.

Celebrations in the eighties

BriarPatch owner-members held some fun social events over these years — harvest parties, Easter parties, and a 10th Anniversary party.

1992 – The Joerschke Drive Store

With business growing, the Co-op found a new location in a peaceful and convenient corner of the Brunswick Basin — with double the retail space.

1992-2007 – People at Joerschke

Good people made the Joerschke store a great place to shop and to find a sense of community. Here are just a few of the many faces of the Co-op in those years.

2005-2007 – The Sierra College Drive Store - Groundbreaking and Building

The construction of what some still call “The New Store” was beautifully documented by volunteer photographers Steve Heimowitz and Tony Finnerty. Thank you so much!

The Sierra College Drive Store - Preview Night

On the evening before it was opened to the public, May 29, 2007, Co-op owners were invited to be the first to see and shop at the new store.

Sierra College Drive – People and events

Just as at the previous locations, the people and the spirit of cooperation have made the Sierra College Drive store a vibrant community center.