Our Green Building

BriarPatch Co-op is Nevada County’s first commercial
building certified by the US Green Building Council’s LEED®: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. The building industry is a major consumer and polluter of the environment, and buildings use one third of our total energy and two thirds of our electricity. The purpose of the LEED® program is to promote sustainable, “green” building design, and ecological approaches to site planning and land development.

Sustainable Design and Building Features of the
new BriarPatch Co-op/Litton Retail Center Building

Sustainable Aspects of the Site
• The building location is an “infill” site within Grass Valley, with utilities already developed.
• A bus stop at the project site reduces traffic.
• Bike racks are provided to encourage non-vehicle transportation.
• Stormwater management is onsite: a retention pond prevents erosion in the downstream drainages.
• Directional lights and light shields are used to eliminate light pollution to the night sky.

Water Efficiency
• Native plant landscaping will require 50% less watering than typical landscaping.
• Electronic sensor faucets reduce water consumption in the market.

Energy and Atmosphere
• Natural light from windows and skylights.
• High efficiency lighting fixtures and use of light surfaces for reflectivity
• High levels of insulation
• High efficiency space heating and cooling system that recovers excess heat from the food freezer and refrigeration cases
• Photovoltaic panels for electrical generation
• Solar energy for hot water distribution
• Timers and sensors reduce electrical use during daytime hours

Materials and Resources
• Construction waste – 75% was diverted to recycling.
• Recycled content materials – a total of 10% of materials in building are composed of “post-consumer” recycled content: Marmoleum® flooring and countertops, Lees Carpet minimum 20% post-consumer recycled content backing, IceStone™ recycled/reconstituted glass product countertops, Medite II 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber countertops
• Local and regional materials – 50%: Medite® II from Oregon
Renewable materials, 5% minimum: sustainably harvested wood cabinetry, Medite® II, 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber countertops, Lees Carpet backing
• Sustainable wood-based materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), 50%: FSC certified wood cabinetry

Indoor Environmental Quality
• Low-emitting finish materials: paints, carpet, adhesives, and sealants
Monitoring systems for heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) system
• “Daylighting” or using natural light to reduce electric lighting (see Daylighting.org)

Innovation and Building Design
• Educational displays
• Recycling program