The Vine Newsletter

June/July 2014 Features
Cooking ClassesThe time is ripe to get cooking

Editor’s Note from Stephanie Mandel -
People are really into food these days — reading about food, watching food shows, blogging about food, and sharing about food through social media. Yet along with this increased interest, we’re actually cooking less and less. Read more and visit the BriarPatch Co-op Cooking Class page

Banana TreeBehold the “banana tree”
BriarPatch’s new “banana tree” — the first of its kind in Nevada County — seems to be a big hit, as an announcement of its arrival with a photo posted on the Co-op’s Facebook page garnered over 200 “Likes” and a dozen enthusiastic comments. Read more

Penney the ClownSummer fun at local farms and at the Patch
Penney the Clown will share her fabulous face painting artistry with children throughout June and July on Monday afternoons from 2:15 to 5:15 p.m. It looks like this summer season will feature a bumper crop of local food and farm activities. Read more for dates and descriptions.

Grange dance pictureWhat’s new at the Grange? 
The Banner Grange has been very busy networking with community groups to promote our mutual goals of healthy food and lifestyles. Read more 

Chris MaherParking improvements on the way
I am truly grateful that so many of you took the time to respond to our efforts to engage in a serious conversation regarding BriarPatch’s Next Steps. Read more

The Buckeye RanchThe season starts with garlic from The Buckeye Ranch
The Buckeye Ranch has a long and storied history. It began in 1852, when Matthew Shapero’s ancestors moved to the township of Penn Valley. Their ranch was the nucleus of the family. Read more

golden oysterTumbling Creek mushrooms, organic and biodynamic
We humans have always had a love affair with mushrooms. Even J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about our obsession with the tasty fungi – an appetite only surpassed by that of the hobbits. Read more

Man looking at art exhibitArt exhibit on GMO corn brings knowledge and power
In 2012, on the eve of what some referred to as the End of the Mayan Calendar and the Beginning of a New Dawn of Higher Consciousness, I felt a seed of creativity germinating inside me. Like many these days, I wanted to see some positive change and knew that I could be a catalyst in the food sovereignty movement on a global level. Read more 

Local groups rally for state GMO bill
Right to know activists gathered at the California State Capitol on April 22 to support a bill to label food with genetically modified ingredients. Read more

Julie and DylanChoose positive practices for feeding children……even your pickiest eaters
Parents of toddlers and preschool-aged children often describe their child as a “picky eater.” This can often turn the dinner table into a battleground. During the toddler and preschool years, a child’s rate of growth is relatively slow, as compared to infancy and adolescence. Read more

School program helps children enjoy carrots and more
Sierra Harvest’s Elizabeth Lane is a FoodCorps Service Member who teaches kids about healthy food and where it comes from. Read more

alan1_200Co-op owners support our store in many ways
In April, the BriarPatch Board and staff made a major effort to bring you up to date on our quest to determine how we might expand our store, so we can better serve everyone in the next decade or two. Read more

CHARTCommunity joins the conversation about BriarPatch’s Next Steps through survey and more
Since early 2013, BriarPatch General Manager Chris Maher has led a development team of staff, Board members and industry experts to examine the most effective ways to respond to the ever-increasing demand for the foods and services BriarPatch provides. Read more and visit the Next Steps page with a link to the full survey results.