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August/September 2015 Features

​The time is ripe to get to know our local food and farms
Editor’s Note from Stephanie Mandel: Is it just me, or are people around here very, very excited about vegetables? Vegetables at the farmers markets, growing vegetables at home, children tasting new vegetables, and — of course— locally- and regionally-grown vegetables at BriarPatch. Read more

BriarPatch’s 5th Annual Farm Tour features Filaki Farms, a model of farm innovation, variety, and beauty
Sunday, August 16 at 9:00 a.m. -then enjoy lunch and the lakes of North Yuba

Just beyond the Yuba River, which defines the border between Nevada and Yuba counties, is a region called the Yuba Foothills, or North Yuba. This hilly rural landscape is home to a variety of farms and food artisans who are happy to bring their products to the more populous Grass Valley and Nevada City area. Read more

Kitty ThomasLove these locally-made products
BriarPatch Merchandiser Kitty Thomas picks her faves & raves for August and September. Read more 

Mountain Bounty Farm finds success and sustainability through teamwork and mentorship
by Mellisa Hannum
Nestled into the forested contours of the San Juan Ridge, Mountain Bounty Farm boasts 16 acres of farmland on two sites, both just about two miles to the Yuba River. The remaining 50 acres of the farm consists of thriving forests and meadows.
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Cooking ClassesClick here to read our cooking class descriptions, see the schedule for upcoming classes, and reserve your space!

Click here to download the Cooking Class Schedule and Descriptions from the August/September 2015 Vine (PDF 600k)

Shopper Survey data and comments guide store direction
by Chris Maher, General Manager
This survey is one of the key inputs we use in planning store improvements and direction. Your feedback is much appreciated as management, staff, and Board strive to understand your concerns and meet your needs. Read more

Co-op shoppers share hundreds of thoughtful comments
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Help local pollinators!
Bear Yuba Land Trust helps create healthy landscapes for bees and pollinators
Pollinators are a vital part of a healthy environment and are essential to the food we eat. They play an irreplaceable role by moving pollen between flowers, thus ensuring the growth of seeds and fruits. Fully one third of everything we eat depends on pollinators to propagate! Read more

Co-op to install Peace Pole Sept. 21
May peace prevail on Earth.” That’s the simple message that has been shared all over the world on what are called “Peace Poles,” which have become the most recognized international peace symbol and monument the world over.  As a result of a project that began in 1986, more than 200,000 Peace Poles are now standing in almost every country throughout the world. Read more

Tips for ripening produce and keeping it fresh
Just as people breathe, produce respires. It takes in oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. This process, called oxidation, is responsible for the breakdown (spoilage) of fruits and vegetables after harvest. You can’t stop this natural process, but you can learn how to slow it down and lengthen the life of your produce with some simple tips for storing produce. Read more