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A toast to milk

A toast to milk: in all its nutritious forms Excerpts by Co+op, stronger together Do you know where your milk comes from (besides cows, of course, if you’re a typical milk drinker)? More [...]

Vegan cheese – yes please!

By Shauna Schultz, RD The demand for plant-based products continues to increase as people recognize that plant-based meals are a common theme in building a healthful diet. Some of these people [...]

Spring in the Garden

By Linda Nowak-Carlson, BriarPatch Floral Buyer As I write, it’s the beginning of February, and we’ve had a week of temperatures in the 60’s. Quite a few plants have been fooled into thinking [...]

2018 – Year of our Owners

From Richard Drace, Board President Each month we welcome approximately seventy new households to BriarPatch ownership. How do we welcome them? Our brochures and websites list the benefits of [...]

Co-op strong

  Chris Maher, General Manager   I would like to thank everyone who joined us this past October at our Annual Owner Meeting. It was an incredible night that offered us an opportunity to [...]

Winter in the garden

By Linda Nowak-Carlson, BriarPatch Floral Buyer You’ve probably noticed that most of your plants are getting ready for a long winter’s rest. Leaves are falling, perennial foliage is dying back, [...]

Know your farmer

Meet Ken and Aleta Barrett of Starbright Acres Family Farm, located at 12575 Polaris Drive in Grass Valley In 2010, Ken and Aleta and their two children, Xea and Sam, moved to Grass Valley to [...]

Makeover time for our ten-year-old store

From Richard Drace, Board President Face lift? Tummy tuck? Botox? Joint replacement? Or maybe just a new hairdo and wardrobe upgrade? But why change a good thing? Aren’t we super just the way we [...]

Store remodel snapshots

The changes outside and inside the store have come fast and furious, and at a pace far exceeding what we imagined when local company Tru-Line Builders gave us the “schedule.” Dates on [...]

The Currency of Kindness

For 40 years BriarPatch has been a resource that so many people rely upon for fresh, locally sourced, healthful food. Fully 12 percent of Nevada County’s residents, though, are living at or below [...]

Sunscreen Confidential

From Co+op, stronger together and EWG Sun Safety Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? Your skin is amazing! As the boundary between our insides and the outside world, it [...]

Know your farmer

Ever wonder who’s growing or raising that incredible food at BriarPatch? They’re a lot like us—people with families and busy lives who value fresh, healthy food… so that’s why we thought we’d [...]

Best Board Election ever?

From Richard Drace, Board President It’s strange to write about the future from the past. By the time you all read this, our election of new Board directors will have happened, but as I’m writing [...]

Growing together

By Chris Maher, General Manager “If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.”  -Henry Ford Our original 2006 Board and Management projections for the Sierra College [...]

Excitement builds as date for store remodel gets closer

It seems like we just finished our new solar array parking structure, expanded our parking lot, upgraded landscaping and irrigation, and made various improvements to work and storage areas. [...]

Art of Growing

by Lisa Moeschler Sitting down over coffee with local grower and gardener Randi Pratini, I at once understood why she has long been such a valued resource at BriarPatch. For Randi is one of the [...]

Strong Starts

From Richard Drace, Board President Many primitive cultures believed in a cyclical year. Rituals were vital to ensure that the new year started off strong. Those new years started in spring when [...]

Earth Day starts at home

From Co+op, Stronger Together, Robin Asbell I have a confession to make. Sometimes, in the course of my week, I make too much food. Sound like a good problem to have? Well, it seems to be [...]

Know your farmer

Meet the families behind a few of our local egg farms. Ever wonder who’s growing or raising that incredible food at BriarPatch? If you could meet our wonderful local farmers in person, you’d [...]

Letter from Lisa

Hello from your new editor Since this issue is dedicated to sharing the love, I thought I should introduce myself as the new editor of The Vine by telling you how I first fell in love with fresh, [...]