Letter from Lisa

Hello from your new editor

Lisa-and-familySince this issue is dedicated to sharing the love, I thought I should introduce myself as the new editor of The Vine by telling you how I first fell in love with fresh, locally grown food. It was when I was just a kid growing up in Ventura County, California. I can still remember when my dad would come home with broccoli picked fresh from our family’s ranch in Oxnard, California. Although it’s been several generations since my family has tended the soil and farmed the land themselves, I still feel a connection with, and appreciation for locally-grown food, sustainable farming, and the excitement that comes as we get to cook each season’s bounty that’s just been harvested. Now I have the pleasure of introducing new, fresh local foods to my five-year-old son, Jace, who also loves fresh broccoli!

When my husband Jason and I moved from the Bay Area to Nevada City in 2010, I had no idea of the incredible community we would be joining. It’s hard to believe that a place in California could really be this charming… with the wonderful farmer’s markets, amazing community events, pristine and uncrowded trails to run and ride on… and a phenomenal Co-op – the BriarPatch!- that supports us all with so many great programs and fresh, local, sustainably-grown organic food.

Fast forward a few years to last fall when Jace entered TK at Deer Creek, the same elementary school his dad went to. Only now there’s a farm-to-school program, field trips to the Food Love Farm with hands-on activities, and a whole new generation of kids who will also grow up to love fresh, locally grown organic food. All I can say is: I’m in exactly the right place and I feel extremely lucky to be here.

And, I can’t tell you what a privilege and honor it is to be your new editor of The Vine, which serves to share all the latest news and provide a voice to our wonderful community of owners, staff, farmers, partnering community organizations, and customers alike. When I interviewed with Stephanie Mandel, I could tell just how much love she’d put into every issue over the last 17 years of her editorship and, rest assured, it’s a tradition that will simply be a pleasure to continue. I look forward to bumping into you, kid in tow, at the farmer’s market, around town, or right here at BriarPatch.

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