Meet the cooking instructor: John Schwartz, rooted in the garden

Heartical Foods, JohnJohn Schwartz shares his passion for cooking in his upcoming classes: “Mandala Salads,” “Milk of the Nut and Seed,” “Coconut Cream Ice Cream Made Simple,” “Curry Fusion,” and “Medicinal Mushroom and Miso Fusion Soups.”

John Schwartz of Heartical Foods believes that nature is just as important to the lifecycle of your meal as the food itself.

“We are what we eat,” he said. “We are a part of nature, inseparable.”

The first seed he remembers planting as a child was a tomato, which he then nurtured until it was taller than himself. He recalled how his attentiveness was paid back in full through the sweet tomatoes his family enjoyed.

“My parents and family taught me a deep appreciation for food and the community to be found around the dinner table,” said Schwartz. “The garden is the beginning and inspiration for every meal we share.”

Schwartz, whose business cards bear the title, “Farmer John,” has spent a great deal of time working in gardens and on farms. He feels inspired by the abundance of plant-based ingredients currently available and believes anyone can be stronger, healthier, and happier by eating a plant-based diet.

The idea of a plant-based diet is also what inspired Heartical Foods. He explained it as food for the heart and food from the heart.

“By steering toward a more plant-based diet,” he said, “we can make a more heartical choice — for our planet, for ourselves, and for all who share the breath of life.”

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