Open and download the most current Co-op Deals PDF below to plan for sales that are scheduled ahead of time. When you’re in the store, watch for BriarPatch Deals, Temporary Price Reductions, Flash Sales, and Closeouts!

Savings from Aug 14 - Sept 3

We have coupon books with $40+ in savings available in the store.

Owner Discounts

Co-op owners can save 10% on a shopping trip during selected months — a great opportunity to stock your pantry!


BriarPatch welcomes SNAP participants.

Shop in the Bulk Foods department

Save money when you buy as little or as much as you need in the bulk foods department. BriarPatch has over 500 items in bulk, including grains, beans, snacks, baking supplies, coffee, herbs, and body care products.

Better Food Value

Enjoy nutrition-packed, natural foods from BriarPatch and you’ll get the most food value for your dollar. You can also invest in your “food values” by choosing products that are organic, local, and fair trade — from a community-owned and operated store!

Stay Healthy

Better eating may help lower your health care costs in the long run!