Local Food

We’re proud to carry more than 700 local and regional products from more than 100 suppliers.

Honey, Olive Oil, Rice Products Cheeses
Bulk Rices Eggs
Bulk Grains Meats
Bulk Olive Oil, Honey, and more Wine, Beer, and Cider
Milk, Yogurt, and more Flowers

Animal Place, Grass Valley
Bakbraken Acres, Chicago Park
Bevitori Garden, Smartsville
Blueberry Hill, Peardale
Boxcar Farm, Nevada City
Country Rubes Farms, Grass Valley
Critters Meadow, Peardale
Dinner Bell Farm, Chicago Park
Downtown Farm, Colfax
End of the Road Farm, Grass Valley
FBI Farm, Newcastle
Felix Gillet Institute, North San Juan
Filaki Farm, Oregon House
First Rain Farm, Nevada City
Greg’s Organics, Grass Valley
Harmony Valley Farms, Nevada City
Higareda Family Farm, Browns Valley
Indian Springs Organic Farm, Penn Valley
JMS Organics, Aromas
Johansen Ranch, Orland
Kaki Farm, Gridley
Lazy Valley Ranch, Penn Valley
Mooney Flat Farm, Penn Valley
Moonstone Farm, Chicago Park
Mountain Bounty Farm, North San Juan
Mountain Sweet, Oregon House
Naked Farms, Nevada City
Natural Trading Co., Newcastle
O’lala Farms, North San Juan
Poms Away, Live Oak
Pyramid Farms, Chico
Red Hill Mandarins, Browns Valley
Riverhill Farm, Nevada City
Ronsse Farm, Chicago Park
Shared Abundance, Auburn
Side Hill Citrus, Lincoln
Soil Sisters Farm, Nevada City
Smit Farms, Linden
Sunrock Farm, Nevada City
Super Tuber, Nevada City
Sweet Roots Farm, Grass Valley
Township Valley Farm, Browns Valley
Tumbling Creek Farm, Nevada City
Weimar Farm, Weimar
Wild River Marketing, Marysville
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Honey, Olive Oil, Rice Products
Honey – McClaughry Farms, Grass Valley (Aisle 3B)
Honey – Elmore’s Beehive Products, Orland (Aisle 3B)
Honey – Oliver and Sons Honey, Nevada County Honey (Aisle 3B)
Olive Oil – Apollo Olive Oil, Oregon House (Aisle 2A)
Olive Oil – Bariani Olive Oil, Sacramento (Aisle 2A)
Olive Oil – Calolea, Loma Rica (Aisle 2A)
Olive Oil – California Olive Ranch, Oroville (Aisle 2A)
Risotto Mixes – Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale (Aisle 2B)
Wild Rice Blend – Lundberg Farmily Farms, Richvale (Aisle 2B)
Brown Rice Pasta, Penne – Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale (Aisle 2A)
Rice Chips, Organic – Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale (Aisle 3A)
Rice Cakes, Organic – Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale (Aisle 3A)
Brown Rice Syrup – Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale (Aisle 3B)

Bulk Rices from Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale, California
Organic Brown Jasmine Rice
Organic Sweet Brown Rice
Organic White Sushi Rice
Organic Brown Basmati Rice
California Brown Basmati Rice
Organic Long Grain Brown Rice
Organic Short Grain Brown Rice
Organic Golden Rose Brown Rice
Organic Wild Blend Rice
Organic White Basmati Rice
Organic White Arborio Rice
Countrywild® Brown Rice Blend
Long Grain Brown Rice
Short Grain Brown Rice
Organic Sprouted Rice, Lotus Foods, Maxwell

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Bulk Grains
Grass Valley Grains, Wheatland

Wheat Flour
Wheat Berries
Rye Berries
Rolled Oats

Bulk Olive Oil, Honey, and more
Popcorn, Organic – Pleasant Grove Farms, Pleasant Grove
Walnuts, Organic – Ferrari Farm, Linden
Honey – Elmore Beehive Products, Oroville
Bee Pollen – California Bee Pollen, Sacramento
Olive Oil – Berkeley Olive Grove, Oroville
Olive Oil – Calolea, Loma Rica

Milk, Yogurt, and more from the region (Aisle 1A)
Ghee – Ancient Organics, Petaluma & Berkley
Milk and more – Clover Organic Farms, Petaluma, California
Milk and more – Straus Family Creamery, Marshall (Marin County)
Goat Milk and more – Meyenberg, Turlock
Yogurt – St. Benoit Yogurt, Bodega, Calif.
Yogurt – Wallaby, Napa
Yogurt, Goat Milk – Redwood Hill Farm, Sebastopol
Yogurt, Sheep Milk – Bellwether Farms, Sonoma City
Yogurt, Capretta Goat Yogurt, Willows

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Cheeses from nearby points west (Aisle 7A)
Organic Cheeses – Petaluma Creamery, Petaluma
Rumiano Cheese,
Goat Milk Cheeses – Meyenberg, Turlock
Goat Milk Cheeses – Redwood Hill Farm, Sebastopol
Blue Cheese – Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co., Point Reyes
Cream Cheeses, Goat, Cow – Sierra Nevada Cheese Co., Willows
Créme Fraiche – Bellwether Farms, Sonoma
Créme Fraiche – Soft Cheeses Cowgirl Creamery, Point Reyes
Curds – Spring Hill Cheese, Petaluma

Eggs (Aisle 1A)
Available seasonally, when the hens are laying
Back to Basics Farm, Grass Valley (Local)
Brown’s Fresh Fertile Eggs, Camptonville (Local)
Country Rubes Farm, Grass Valley (Local)
Happ Family Farm, Grass Valley (Local)
Happy Nevada County Chickens, Smartsville
Higareda’s Family Farm, Browns Valley
Jocelyn’s Hens, Grass Valley (Local)
Oak Springs Ranch, Penn Valley (Local)
Old Star Farms, Rough & Ready
Serpentine Farm, Penn Valley (Local)
Wild Woman Farms, Grass Valley (Local)

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Beef – Nevada County Free Range Beef, Nevada City
Beef – B.N. Ranch, Bolinas
Chicken – Back to Basics Farm, Grass Valley
Chicken – Mary’s Chicken, San Joaquin Valley
Turkey – Diestel Family Turkey Ranch, Sonora
Pork – Llano Seco, Chico

Wine, Beer, and Cider
Auburn Alehouse, Auburn
Avanguardia, Nevada City
Butte Creek, Ukiah
Chace Water, Nevada City
Clos Saron, Oregon House
Coufous Cellars, Rough & Ready
Double Oak Vineyards, Nevada City
Grant-Eddie Winery, Oregon House
Honeyrun Mead, Chico
Knee Deep Beer, Lincoln
Lone Buffalo Vineyards, Auburn
Lucchesi, Grass Valley
Montoliva Vineyards & Winery, Chicago Park
Naggiar, Grass Valley
Nevada City Winery, Nevada City
Nevada County Wine Guild, Sierra Foothills
Renaissance, Oregon House
Ruhstaller Beer, Sacramento
Sierra Knolls, Grass Valley
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico
Sierra Star, Grass Valley
Smith Vineyards, Grass Valley
Szabo, Nevada City

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Dinner Bell Farm, Chicago Park
Fresh Starts Farm, Nevada City
Garden Fairies Farm, Nevada City
Harmony Valley Farm, Nevada City
Honey Circle Farm, San Juan Ridge
Jeannie’s Local Color, Grass Valley
Naked Farms, Nevada City

Sunlight Botanicals, Nevada City