BriarPatch is committed to offering the best local, organic, and natural meats and sustainable seafood available.

All our natural and organic meat suppliers pledge no hormones or antibiotics.

Niman Ranch

Compassionate family farmers raising animals with respect for the land. Never given hormones or antibiotics, raised humanely.

Nevada County Free Range Beef

Today, the Nevada County Free Range Beef herd stands at over 120 Shorthorn, Red Angus, and White Park mother cows. Profound knowledge of genetics, feed conditions, and gentle handling techniques ensure that only the best, most nutritious beef reaches your table. No growth hormones or antibiotics have ever been or will ever be used, and all pasture land is naturally fertilized and managed, without pre-emergents, pesticides, or petrochemicals.

Back to Basics Farm

Their pasture-raised Bovan chickens and Perkins ducks wander the fields in the morning, then for the rest of the day hang out in their barn, which they wander in and out of as the spirit moves them.

Mary’s Chicken – Pitman Family Farms

Free range, pasture raised, organically fed, air chilled chicken.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Certified Organic Turkey is sustainably farmed, range grown, fed only certified organic corn and soy, processed and delivered directly from us to you.

Beeler’s Pork

Beeler pigs are raised without any antibiotics or growth promotants and are never fed animal by-products. Their diets consist of all vegetarian ingredients: corn, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals.


BriarPatch labels seafood using the FishWise labeling system, created by Sustainable Fisheries Advocates, a non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz. FishWise helps us provide information about the sustainability of seafood, so shoppers can make environmentally-informed choices. Look for the color coding on seafood price signs.

Read more about FishWise.

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