Shopper survey results show interest in sharing ideas

Thank you to the 941 BriarPatch Owners and shoppers who took our 2017 Shopper Survey. You exceeded our expectations for the amount and quality of information you shared with us.
The shopper survey is one of the main information sources we use to plan store improvements and direction. Your feedback has great value for management, staff, and the Board as they work to meet your needs and find ways to answer your concerns.
The survey in prior years was developed by the National Cooperative Grocers (NCG) for food co-ops around the country. This year’s survey was modified from the NCG survey model in order to add questions that directly related to our Co-op. The results from portions of the standardized survey will be aggregated and compared with the results from NCG co-ops as a whole. The results from the questions expanded or added will help management, staff, and the Board better understand issues more specific to our Co-op in Nevada County.
The survey shows a high level of shopper satisfaction with BriarPatch, overall. The continuing growth of store sales also is evidence that we are doing a good job of meeting shopper needs. This year, many Owners took the time to include individual comments about areas in which we could improve and praise for jobs well done. The comments are so insightful that they tend to tell a more complete story than the multiple choice answers. We look forward to studying the results more deeply and sharing insights with you.
We can’t fit all the survey results and comments here in The Vine, but a selection of responses for all 21 questions is posted on the website.
We’re happy that so many Owners and shoppers took advantage of the $5 coupon awarded for taking the survey, and the winners of the $50, $100, and $200 Gift Cards will be announced on the Survey website page.

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