Store remodel snapshots

The changes outside and inside the store have come fast and furious, and at a pace far exceeding what we imagined when local company Tru-Line Builders gave us the “schedule.” Dates on a piece of paper are turning out to be daily revelations of work done the night before and predictions of work to come. Straps and bolts and sheetrock and cranes and who knows what else show up just before the store closes, and the construction magic begins. Our shoppers have been supportive throughout—maneuvering first through the left entrance/exit, then through the right entrance/exit, and finally through the completed doors—even though there have been glitches, minor traffic pile ups, and some shopping cart congestion.
But, don’t you love the smooth sound of the shopping carts on that new concrete? And what about the new patio tables and chairs? The whole patio looks pretty bare right now, but soon, the decorating that turns the front of the store into an inviting, seasonally-shaded market area will begin. And, if it’s not happened already, tinted glass will be installed above the entry doors that will reduce heat build-up in the store. The exterior signs have come down, with Vision Graphics enduring a couple of tense hours in the heat lowering a multi-thousand pound logo with only three men. They made it happen with lots of ingenuity. A banner with the new logo hangs facing the roundabout, which will be replaced with the new permanent sign. A new sign will go up at the parking lot entrance also.
Throughout August, new shelving, display cases, refrigeration cases, lighting, counters, and signs will appear. Most of the work will happen at night, but be prepared for surprises and changes during the day­—especially early morning. The big change that we are all looking forward to is the expanded Customer Service counter, which is a symbol of the improved experience the BriarPatch remodel will bring to our customers.

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