Remodel Update

Our BriarPatch building is ten years old, and it’s time to start updating the interior and exterior. We’ve grown so much in 10 years, and the number of Owners and Shoppers just keeps increasing. In the last year, we successfully expanding the parking area, added an impressive solar array with shade below, and enhanced our outdoor landscaping. Our Co-op is a cooperative business, with owners who are energetic and willing to make the extra efforts to make this Co-op the best shopping and market experience in our region.

Now it’s time to serve our community even more. This means improving the shopping experience inside the store and on the patio. It also means refining our product choices. We’ll be temporarily decreasing products on the shelves and moving products to their new shelves. Watch for signs that give directions to the new locations! If any of your favorite products are missing, we’ll be delighted to special order for you. Visit Customer Service – they can show you how, or they will fill in the Special Order for you. Also, watch for daily updates at the store.

Store Hours

BriarPatch will be open regular hours (including regularly scheduled holiday hours) throughout the entire construction period. Much of the work will be completed at night, but some work may go on while the store is open. We anticipate no major interference in regular store operations.

Positive Results

  • Shopper comfort and safety is our top priority. Areas will be barricaded, sealed off, and labeled clearly to prevent any intrusion into your shopping areas.
  • The store will look different every day as the construction progresses – you will see fast progress!

A temporary banner with the new BriarPatch Food Co-op logo replaces our former sign that was removed on Friday, June 23. The new sign will be installed in the next few weeks! We’ll also have a new sign at the parking lot entrance (from Sierra College Drive), and a new sign over the front of the store.

The store remodel will be complete by early September!

  • All demolition materials and equipment will be regularly sprayed with plain water to protect air quality.
  • All construction areas in and around the store will be covered and/or fenced off and clearly marked.
  • The construction areas will be cleaned and equipment put away by 7am every day.
  • All construction materials are highest quality – with an eye to beauty, practicality, cleanliness, and durability. Many are recycled, and sustainably sourced; paints are Benjamin Moore (local contractor), NVOC (no volatile organic chemicals) and low VOC, and all painting will happen outside store open hours with focused ventilation.
  • All materials that are removed from the interior and exterior of the building will be recycled or used for other purposes at the store.
  • Demolition, construction, masonry, painting, electrical, and more is being done with local, community contractors.
  • The supervising firm, Sutti & Associates, is a Bay Area company that works with Co-ops and natural food stores nationally. BriarPatch has directed them to subcontract work to local professionals.

Construction and Remodel Dates   

Construction and Remodel work is planned through the first week of September – but with any construction project, plans may change.

Positive Results

  • a new, smooth patio surface (less noisy with the carts)
  • a cart-friendly slope/grade from the store exit to the parking lot
  • new patio furniture and more space for dining and relaxing outside
  • new shade areas on the patio
  • more of the store product and sales, especially produce, moved outside – to bring more of the market outside
  • more light outside store
  • new, more visible, exterior store signs
  • new and improved entry area with safety ‘all weather’ mats – recessed into floor

General timeline for the inside of the store:

Wednesday, July 5 – Store remodel of the interior begins and is scheduled to last through early September

Positive Results

  • new refrigerated display cases that are the most energy-efficient on the market
  • new refrigerated display case to expand Kombucha selection
  • more space for beverages and other products
  • new, dedicated food and product demonstration area
  • wider shopping aisles and a wider area behind the registers
  • new express register counters
  • new digital ticket display system and self-ticketing
  • new, energy efficient, bright LED lighting and custom fixtures over customer service and registers
  • improved aisle signs
  • new, large, open and bright customer service counter
  • new floral display area
  • new beverage refrigerator at check out
  • new and improved condiment counter in a new location
  • a more attractive recycle and trash container
  • new paint on walls
  • expanded bakery and deli selection
  • meat and seafood department counter made more attractive – new lighting


BriarPatch will keep shoppers informed of ‘up to the minute’ info through:

  • On the BriarPatch Website on this page
  • Facebook (BriarPatchCoop) and Instagram
  • In-Store Posters
  • Sandwich Board Posters under Solar Array and in front of Store
  • Information Centers on wheels –often staffed by our volunteers (our ‘Construction Ambassadors’), other times unstaffed with handouts and entry forms for contests
  • Emails – BriarPatch
  • Emails – from Center for the Arts and Chamber of Commerce (they are sending out notices for us)


  • Some parking spaces outside the front of the store and at the edges of the parking lot may be blocked or used by construction vehicles and parked equipment.
  • The shaded parking lot under the array will not be affected and is an attractive feature for customers shopping in the summer sun during the construction period.

And, everything is subject to change!

Questions? Feel free to email Margaret in Marketing any time…