Summer camp teaches children to love fresh veggies

by Erika Kosina Sierra Harvest’s Food Love Project is an educational farm, located on the Burton Homestead in Nevada City, devoted to promoting nutrition education, food security, and community involvement in the growing, harvesting, eating, and celebration of fresh food. The farm hosts … Continue reading

Supplements boost ATP for cardiac fitness and to increase your energy for living long and well

By Drs. Carolyn and Gregory Weisswasser, ND In this article we first take a look at the heart and some of the common ailments it is prone to, and we then consider some very positive things we can do to … Continue reading

4th Annual Sustainable Food and Farm Conference

A bounty of information about farming and ranching was shared by members of our local community on January 17th, 18th and 19th, 2014. The fourth annual Nevada County Sustainable Food and Farm Conference took place at the Veterans Auditorium in … Continue reading

Wild winter spices add local flair to holiday cooking

By Alicia Funk During the winter there is still an abundance of delicious wild foods that we can enjoy as an interesting complement to standard holiday cooking. A few of my favorites include Toyon, Manzanita, Madrone, and California Bay. Toyon, … Continue reading

A magical evening — Michael Pollan and Beth Ruyak discuss controversial food topics with intelligence and wit

by Mellisa Hannum The Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Grass Valley was packed with people eagerly awaiting their ‘Evening with Michael Pollan.’ The low hum of hundreds chatting excitedly permeated the space, with words like “food” and “cooking” presenting themselves to … Continue reading

The evidence behind today’s most popular diets — a dietician reveals what each has to offer

By Julie DeHollander, RD, Sierra Wellness Nutrition While there is no such thing as a “perfect diet,” we can all agree that the Standard American Diet (a.k.a. S.A.D.) is one to be wary of, especially from the standpoint of the … Continue reading

Fortify and lighten up your traditional holiday favorites with clever substitutions that add nutrients … and flavor!

Festive meals complete with all the trimmings are part and parcel of holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, these entrees and trimmings are often calorie-laden dishes that leave us feeling sluggish and regretful. This year, when you share the bounty, why not give … Continue reading

Just Label It: BriarPatch supports right to know campaign

Food labels alert us to potential allergens, help us do the math on our sodium intake, and even reassure us that our morning glass of O.J. is “not from concentrate.” Now, surveys show that over 90 percent of Americans want … Continue reading

Avoiding GMOs throughout the store — aisle by aisle

As we enter the harvest and approach a holiday season full of important meals, celebrating Non-GMO Month this October is a great opportunity to practice avoiding GMOs in the grocery store. GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals … Continue reading