We’ve updated The Vine Newsletter Newsstand app so that you will be able to read your favorite articles and receive the latest announcements from the Patch on your iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone. The Vine is now available as a free app download for iPad and iPhone.As always, we publish latest Vine articles online and the entire Newsletter as PDF download in our Newsletter Section and the free Vine Classifieds in our Classifieds Section. We also archive The Vine online articles.

Below, find some basic helpful support information about the new BriarPatch Vine Magazine (Newsstand) App. We want to make sure that you have a great experience with the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone versions of The Vine.

If you have any questions about the application that cannot be solved using the suggestions below or at
the Apple iPad support pages, please contact Stephanie@BriarPatch.coop

Q: If your magazine application crashes
A: It is possible that crashes are caused by something specific to an individual iPad or iPhone. The first thing to do is follow Apple’s troubleshooting steps at http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1702

Q: If you want to take screenshots with the iPad
A: Click on the Home Button and the Power Button at the same time

Q: If you subscribe to the magazine, but continue to see a yellow subscribe button and no issue is downloaded, or a current issue cover with old issue content, or if you don’t see a selection of Vine issues.

A: Sometimes this happens because of connection problems between the iPad and Apple servers. If this happens to you, please try the following steps:

1) Completely close the magazine application.
2) Tap on the home button to make sure you have closed the magazine.
3) Double tap the home button. (All your opened applications will appear as swipeable screenshots on your iPad or iPhone.)
4) Swipe the screenshot of the Newsstand app up and off the screen.
5) This will shut down the magazine application.
6) Make sure you are logged in with the same Apple ID that you used to subscribe to the magazine. To check this, tap on the Settings application, then scroll down and tap on the Store application. Double check that the same Apple ID is being used. If it is not, sign out and sign in with the correct Apple ID.
7) Relaunch the magazine by going to the Newsstand Application and tapping on the magazine to launch it.
8) The magazine splash/logo page will appear, and then the magazine home screen will show. The page should be updated, and the yellow subscribe button should be replaced with a gray Restore button.
9) Restore all purchases. Tap on the Restore button if you want to re-download all previously purchased magazine issues.

Q: What are special issues?

A: Special issues are separate from the free, ongoing magazine subscription. They are independent special issues. Special issues are either free or at a special price. All readers, including magazine subscribers, will need to Select or Buy in order to read a special issue. They will not be automatically downloaded to your device. Special issues will have a Special label.

Q: If you want to purchase a special issue

A: Your may subscribe to the free, bi-monthly magazine and you may download “special” issues, when they are offered. If you subscribe, you will get access to the latest magazine issue published, and will have access to any future issues as long as you remain a free subscriber. If you choose a “special” issue, you will be able to download that issue immediately.

Q: If any new issues are not delivered automatically

A: New issues should automatically arrive in your iPad and iPhone Newsstand. However, sometimes an iPad or iPhone can drop a push notification connection. Here is what you can try:

1) In Settings, turn off Wifi.
2) Turn on Airplane mode, then reconnect to Wifi.
If that doesn’t work, try to connect to another Wifi network for a while and then switch back to your Wifi. Also, restarting an iPad or iPhone can sometimes help to solve this problem.

Q: If you want an iPhone version of your iPad magazine

A: Reading an interactive magazine on the iPhone screen is not as great an experience as reading on the iPad. The iPad’s larger screen makes your magazine very easy and fun to read and navigate through. However, the iPhone version can be a great substitute.

Q: If you get the message: Cannot connect to iTunes Store when you click on the Subscribe button or Buy button.

A: Sometimes this happens if you lose or don’t have wifi or internet access, or if you have Restrictions ON to prevent others from making purchases in the iPad. Restrictions are located in General Settings and should be disabled to allow inApp purchases.

Q: If you want to cancel a magazine subscription

A: Follow these steps:

1) Tap on Settings Application.
2) Scroll, then tap on Store.
3) Scroll down and tap on your Apple ID.
4) Tap on View Apple ID.
5) Enter your password.
6) Scroll down and tap on Manage in the subscriptions section. You will be able to see all your magazine subscriptions.
7) Tap on the magazine that you want to cancel. Your current subscription information will be displayed.
8) Turn auto-renewal to OFF

Q: If you are having other problems or have questions that are not listed here

A: We want to make sure you have the best experience with your magazine. Please contact Stephanie@BriarPatch.coop to ask questions or describe any problem you are having with your magazine. We will get back to you with specific instructions.