Transforming uncertainty

Chris Maher, General Manager

Sometimes, we receive more than we pay for. In the last few months our store improvements have increased our ability to offer a larger selection of quality products and to give our customers a roomier and more enjoyable shopping experience. But, as an unexpected bonus, the remodel effort has also grown our co-op’s overall capacity for change and service.
In these unpredictable times, no matter how intelligently we plan, the world will rush to out pace us, and we must prepare ourselves and our organizations to quickly adapt. We put a strong emphasis on providing a positive environment for our customers and staff, and it’s been challenging for all of us to watch our store transform, wondering if it will satisfy expectations. But, instead of succumbing to doubt, we’ve chosen to transform our uncertainty into the drive to serve more of our community – looking outward to inspire change in food choices and business practices. In this spirit of looking outward, we enriched our connections with neighboring food co-ops, Great Basin in Reno and Placerville Co-op, by up-cycling the equipment we replaced during our remodel, for use in their stores. We’re welcoming more new customers and owners to our co-op family, which, in turn, means that the entire co-op movement is empowered and enriched. And it is this vision of a community and world, working in cooperative relationships, that influences us to take the chances necessary for growth. Our remodel will bring us much more than better shopping experiences. Much more. more. healthier, sustainable choices. We put a strong emphasis on cooperation among cooperatives To this end, we are very excited to partner with the Center for the Arts in welcoming Alice Waters to our community on Friday, September 8th. I hope to see you there.
While the overall impact of this merger is not yet clear, we do know that we will continue to work at improving our store and strengthening our cooperative. Our structure affords us a direct link to our owners and allows us to hear and respond to your evolving needs. Our goal is to provide value to our community – and this will never change. We value and invite your ideas and feedback.
I’d like to praise the staff and volunteers who have worked extra hard to keep our customers informed. It is powerful to feel the partnership of the community in this amazing work.
Please remember our annual Owner Meeting, which will take place on Wednesday, October 11 at the Miners Foundry. I look forward to seeing you there.
And please continue to reach out with your thoughtful feedback. It’s truly wanted and appreciated. I can be reached at

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