Vegan cheese – yes please!

By Shauna Schultz, RD

The demand for plant-based products continues to increase as people recognize that plant-based meals are a common theme in building a healthful diet. Some of these people also have concerns about the environment, animal welfare, allergies, or intolerances. Many are seeking protein and milk alternatives, and cheese alternatives are no exception. Thanks to innovations in vegan cheese-making, vegan cheese products are now more accessible than ever, and gone are the days of rubbery, tasteless alternatives with unfamiliar ingredients. Remember though: just because something is plant-based doesn’t give you a green light to overindulge. Look for cheeses with simple ingredients, and be aware of the amounts of saturated fats and sodium they contain. The best plant-based diet is centered around whole foods. Also, making your own vegan cheese alternatives at home is quite easy, but convenience is also nice. Listed below are my favorite vegan cheese products. Enjoy!

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