Read about the six candidates for three open seats

(We’ll be posting a link to video of the April 21 Candidate Forum in the next few days)

LEE PERRY – What do you love about BriarPatch? “Quality of produce, food, staff, other shoppers.” Why will you make a good Board Director? “I believe I have the reliability and interest. My special interest is work with elders. My birthday is in February, and I am an elder.” Click here to find out more about Lee

MARK FENTONWhat do you love about BriarPatch? The Co-op is one of our area’s brightest assets. In addition to being a healthful food alternative, it is a positive social achievement, based on the confidence that people can successfully work together for common goals. Click here to find out more about Mark

SUSAN GOUVEIA – What do you love about BriarPatch? 1. Its existence! When I moved from Carmel 14 years ago, everyone I talked to said there was no place to buy organic food. Eventually, I found the store on Joerschke Dr, and have been a supporter and promoter ever since! Click here to read more about Susan

JEFFREY WILLIAMSWhat do you love about BriarPatch? I love the BriarPatch because it has clearly stated values that are laid out in the ends policies. Through declaring it’s priorities, it has been able to thrive through being authentic and giving back to the community. Click here to find out more about Jeffrey

RICHARD DRACE What do you love about BriarPatch? “When I first ran for the board six years ago, I said I love BriarPatch because the store has grown without losing its soul. That’s all still true – even more so. Now that I have an insider’s point of view, I have essentially the same comment, not only for BriarPatch as a store but also for our management team and our board.” Click here to find out more about Richard

RACHEL BERRYWhat do you love about BriarPatch? It just makes me happy to help people live healthier lives! Since I moved to Nevada County in 2009, BriarPatch has been an incredible resource for healthy food and great community for my family and me, and a shining example of how a profitable and cooperative business can be run for the good of the community as a whole. Click here to find out more about Rachel


Get your questions about the Election answered  SATURDAY APRIL 28, 10am to 4pm
BriarPatch Food Co-op Patio
This is your chance to ask Board Members about Co-op elections and Board participation.

Login information for online voting will be mailed and emailed to voters in late April.

According to our Bylaws, each Owner household is entitled to one vote by the primary Owner of Record. Last year, 704 Owners voted (9.4% of eligible voters), which was a 48% increase over the 2016 turnout (475 votes). We expect another large increase in Owner involvement this year! Our elections are managed by our third party, secure voting service, Simply Voting. Simply Voting manages the online election and independently verifies the results.

– Owners who want to make sure they receive all notifications from the Co-op are encouraged to keep contact information updated. There are a few ways to update your contact information:
1. Email new information to
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Many thanks to the BriarPatch Elections Team, the Board of Directors, and all the BriarPatch staff who work so hard to make every election enjoyable, successful, and professional!