What’s in Season

Local season is in full bloom. The gifts of the Earth that nourish and sustain us will be mostly local or regional for the near future. Our hard working and talented local and regional farmers are once again coaxing an abundance of healthy food from soil and water for us.
From Filaki Farms we will have Slicing, Japanese, Lemon, and Persian Cucumbers (local Persian Cukes!) – in the coming weeks, and through August. They will also bring us fresh Bunched Basil, as will Higareda Family Farm. We will also have an abundance of Cilantro and Zucchini available from Pyramid Farms. Greg’s Organics will also have Zucchini, and a variety of Cherry Tomatoes as well. Natural Trading Co. will continue with their Sunflower Sprouts and Wheatgrass, and will also offer a number of Cherry Tomatoes.
From Nevada City’s own Riverhill Farm we will have Green Kale, various Lettuces, Green, Red, and Napa Cabbages, as well as Red Chard and Rhubarb. Mountain Bounty has loose Carrots for us all summer long, along with Red Bunched Beets, Broccoli Crowns, and Gold Zucchini. Soon their green and curly Garlic Scapes will be here –one of my favorites, raw or cooked.
For radish lovers, Starbright Acres Family Farm will be gracing our shelves with a wide variety: Red, French Breakfast, Easter Egg, and Purple Bacchus. They also bring us Dill and Bunched Salad Turnips. If you like Tomatillos, you’ll have to wait until July, but they will be local and delicious. Our friends at Woolman Farm have some abundance for our BriarPatch shoppers: White, Purple, and Watermelon Daikons. Bunched Mint, Big Bok Choy, Fennel, Red Savoy Cabbage, and Purple Top Turnips will soon be here. Flying V has quite a variety for us as well. They are bringing Red Russian Kale, Italian and Curly Parsleys, Dandelion, Green Onions, Fennel, Escarole, Frisee, Bunched Spinach, and Snap Peas.
First Rain Farm, another Nevada City favorite, has Dino Kale, Collards, and Rainbow Chard in store for us. Laughing Oak Farm will bring us Baby Bok Choy, Radicchio, Red Bore Kale, and Mustard Greens. Mai Farm will soon fill our bulk greens bins with Salad Mix and Loose Arugula. And finally, everybody’s favorite: local Blueberries! Those will be available very soon courtesy of our friends at Lazy Valley Ranch.
Just in case you are wondering, the amazing melons we have each year, Piel de Sapo and Amarillo de Oro, will be coming back in August, as will local figs, both green and Mission. Johansen Ranch will make Yellow Watermelons and Green Honeydews available to us in July.
We are fortunate to live in this unique community, the result of a serendipitous symbiosis of farmers, conscious consumers, and the Co-op, all supporting each other for the good of all. I am glad to be a part of it.
Enjoy the abundance and enjoy the summer.