Joy of Cooking

Name: Paula O’Brien
Department at BriarPatch: Marketing
Title of the art piece:  Joy of Cooking
Medium: Tempera on paper

$100.00, professionally matted and framed

Paula is donating the entire purchase price to Sammie’s Friends, in loving memory of Jada the Wonder Kitty ❤️ (pictured here)

Paula is from Berkeley, CA, born and raised. Paula is currently living in Berkeley now to care for her elderly parents and says she is “gratefully working remotely for BriarPatch.” Paula loves painting, drawing, fiber art (freeform crochet), and culinary arts. “I love color and seek to capture movement and energy in all my pieces. I let the materials tell me where to go and get out of the way.”

When asked where her inspiration for this piece comes from, Paula said “I LOVE to cook, and I was working in the kitchen at the Esalen Institute when I painted this. It was so fun to cook for the community and, for me, this painting captures the joy I felt being of service in this way.”

For more information about this piece, email