Removing Obstacles

Name: Leslie Smith Bechtell
Medium: Mixed Media

Removing Obstacles-20” X 24”
Mixed media ( archival paper and acrylic inks on canvas)

Leslie is donating 10% of the sales to the Wildlife and Rehabilitation & Release.

“I’ve had an affinity toward elephants since I was little. They are our largest land mammal and I find them beautiful because of their intelligence, amazing communication skills, deep family bonds and emotional capacity. You probably know that elephants, African and Asian are on the venerable, and the endangered lists. As I see it every species on our planet is part of the tapestry of life. When one goes extinct some of the colorful threads in the tapestry unravel and in turn that unraveling loosens more threads… other species become vulnerable. We don’t know what the impact will be when too many threads are pulled out. A big hole in the tapestry doesn’t seem like a good idea. How does that affect our own species? We learned all too well this year as we’ve had some tiny viruses in the tapestry, making little holes, how easily our lives can be altered. Lets take a stand on behalf of life, our health and the health of the planet.”

These paintings are woven together with multiple layers of colorful archival paper creating interesting texture and pattern and then overlaid with acrylic paint and ink.

Leslie attended The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Leslie Received her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Montana State University, Bozeman, MT.

Numerous private commissions
Taught and  exhibited at The Art Tree Gallery in Tonka Bay, MN
Exhibited at Into The Mystic in Excelsior, MN and Minnetonka, MN
Briar Patch Art Show 2018, 2019 Grass Valley CA

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