Sonoran Hot Dogs

Nothing says summer quite like hot dogs. We were inspired by the dawgs of Dogos el Miami, a self-described “hot dog joint” south of the border in Sonora, Mexico. Stuffed with cheese, stuffed into [...]

Spicy Cilantro Sauce

Makes about 1 cupQuick and tasty! Serve with veggies as a dip (carrot sticks, cucumbers, red peppers, celery sticks), use in salads or nori rolls.1 large bunch cilantro¼ sweet onion, dicedJuice [...]

Superfoods Frosé

1 servingPulse in a blender until frozen and enjoy! (Caution: Brain Freeze!) 1 cup watermelon cubes, frozen2 cups JSM strawberries, frozen1 lime, juiced1 750 ml bottle of your favorite rosé [...]

Minty Melon Smoothie

1 servingThis smoothie uses melon seeds! Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, tap into their nutrition by blending with water and straining out and discarding the solids.2 cups spinach, [...]

Backcountry Trout

Fresh caught trout for dinner is the taste of summer and food always tastes better when you’re camping. Gather your ingredients, rinse out the trout and pat dry with a paper towel, oil then [...]

Smoked Salmon Toast

Makes 4 ServingsSmoked Salmon – thinly sliced loxstyle – 3 oz package8 oz cream cheese, cut into 1-inch cubes and softened to room temperature½ cup mascarpone½ tsp finely minced fresh thyme2 tsp [...]

Avocado-Olive-Radish Toast

Makes 4 Servings2 medium-sized ripe avocados1 small lemon1 medium-sized watermelon radish, outer skin peeled off and very thinly sliced½ – 1 cup microgreens, very lightly packed1 garlic [...]

Natural Egg Dyes

Dying Easter eggs using natural dyesBy Mielle Chenier-Cowan RoseI have been experimenting with naturally dyed Easter eggs with my pre-teen daughter since she was young.I never wanted to use [...]

Uttapam (say “Oo-tah-pam”)

Makes 4 – 6 servingsUttapam is a type of dosa from South India. Unlike a typical dosa, which is crisp and crepe like, uttapam is thicker, with toppings. They’re great any time of day. [...]

Nutty Sweet Potato Stew with Greens

Makes 6 servings Inspired by a traditional African flavor combo, this delightful dish is easy and quick to make. Leave out the spicy stuff if it’s not your thing there’s still plenty of [...]

Mixed Mushroom and Leek Farfel

Foregoing leavened breads and other products during Passover provides plenty of room for creativity when it comes to cooking, and this farfel recipe is no exception. Savory and substantial, it’s [...]

Corned Beef and Cabbage

What’s more Irish than a traditional recipe for corned beef and cabbage? Make this meal in an Instant Pot and you’ll save time. Serve with mustard or horseradish, if [...]