“Caprese salads can really make a grand entrance on the table. Sometimes we think of caprese salads as pink tomato slices in a spiral with mozzarella and a piece or two of basil. But if you let loose a little bit and use the very best ingredients, then you take caprese to where it’s meant to be. And it’s just so simple. The ingredients speak for themselves,” said Marketing Manager Rebecca Torpie.  

Rebecca’s tips for making a showstopper Caprese salad:  

  • Chop the tomatoes in rough chunks, and always cut cherry or grape tomatoes in half – it creates a nicer mouth feel and look on the plate.  
  • Build a 3D plate – tuck in basil leaves so they create dimension, allow your tomatoes to fall around the plate. Casual and rustic is a nice look for dinner on the deck.  
  • Substitute your regular mozzarella for burrata, a mozzarella that is loaded with a cream center, or buffalo mozzarella for a little more tang.  
  • Think of your balsamic vinegar as an investment. Purchase the best, oldest you can afford. The older it is, the more syrupy and richer tasting it will be.  
  • Add your balsamic and olive oil right before serving for maximum presentation wow factor.  


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