Good Food Art Gallery
BriarPatch Food Co-op offers art exhibit space for the enjoyment of our customers and to promote local art.

Who may exhibit

Exhibit space is open to all artists who submit an application and samples of artwork for review. We will notify artists who are selected to show their work and collaborate with them to produce a successful show.

Reserving the gallery

Download an Art Gallery Application or pick one up at the Customer Service window. Reservations for exhibit dates are generally made several months ahead of time. Scheduling may be based on a waiting list, and to allow for a variety of art media and/or BriarPatch Food Co-op special events.

Gallery wall dimensions

Exhibit wall space is located in the seating area in the front of the store, past the registers. Artists are asked to plan to hang art works on each of the three wall areas:
Wall 1, track lighting– 35′ x 4′
Wall 2A, overhead lights and light from window – 13′ x 4′
Wall 2B, can lighting – 20′ x 3′

Length of exhibits

Exhibits will be displayed for one full month, starting the first Saturday of each month, during the normal store hours of operation. Subject to scheduling availability, an artist may exhibit repeatedly after a 36-month interval.

How to apply

Please submit an Exhibit Application and Agreement and provide a sample of the work to be shown. Photographs, portfolio, or emailed images will serve this purpose — no original artwork, please. The Exhibit Committee will consider your application and respond.

Applications for exhibits will be reviewed by the Exhibit Committee and the General Manager, and may be approved or denied at their discretion. Artwork must be suitable for all ages. In general, artwork may not contain images of violence, discriminatory themes, nudity or sexual images, or represent overtly political topics. We want everyone to feel welcome at BriarPatch.

Hanging artwork

Artists are responsible for hanging and removing exhibits.


  • All artwork must be hung from installed wall rails using wire or lines. (Weight limits: wall track: 78 lbs. per 4′ section; cables: 15 lbs. ea.)
  • Do not cut the lines used with wall rails.
  • No nails, tacks, or tape.
  • Please use bumpers on the back to avoid scraping the walls. Artists are responsible for secure hanging of artwork to ensure customers’ safety and to avoid damage to the artwork or to BriarPatch property.


  • Installation of artwork should take place the first Friday of your scheduled exhibit month, between 8:00 a.m. and 10 a.m., unless other arrangements are approved with staff.
  • Removal of artwork should take place the Friday before the first Saturday of the following month from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Note: the store and the deli / cafe will be open during these hours. Please consider customer safety and security of your artwork during this process.


  • Please provide an 8.5″x11″ page for a bio of the artist and comments on the work. Price lists, business cards, or brochures may be displayed in the exhibit area. Outside advertising is the responsibility of the artist.

Art sales

There is no fee for exhibiting in the BriarPatch gallery. An artist may donate a percentage of sales to the COOP Cause of that month of exhibit or a COOP Cause of their choice. All pieces that are sold remain on display until the end of the exhibit period.



2020 Exhibitions

January: Monday Paint Group

February: Paula Madariaga

March: Olivia Johansen

April: Employee Art Show

May: Florence Carland

June: Tina Haller



September: JS Wells

October: Kyle Kingston



Art Gallery Exhibit Policy and Application

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