What do you love about BriarPatch Food Co-Op?

I love that BriarPatch is owned by members who actually have a voice with the management team. I appreciate that Chris and his team have made it a priority to connect with the members of the co-op on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for me to see BriarPatch team members connecting with customers on the floor beyond the usual comment “are you finding everything today?” I see how helpful this is for staying on top of potential issues and continuing to lead the co-op in the direction that the members want it to go.I also love that the BriarPatch’s current board and management team don’t just have great Ends Policies taped to a wall in the community room, but that they eat, breathe and live by these policies. I feel strongly about all 6 Ends Policies, but especially about access to high quality, healthy products that are local and organic (whenever possible). I am over the moon excited that this co-op is moving in a growth direction and talking about expanding to a second store. There are so many other communities that need a BriarPatch to help spread the word about healthy, local foods and the impact it has on health and the environment.

Why are you running for the BriarPatch Food Co-op Board?

I am running for the board of BriarPatch for many reasons, but mainly because of my shared mission with the co-op. I personally and professionally want to keep healthy, locally grown, organic foods as a top priority. I am dedicated to helping educate people on why this mission is critical to our health and our environment. I am passionate about being conscientious of our food economy and ensuring that our practices are sustainable for future generations. Additionally, I want to be more involved as the BriarPatch grows into a multi-store organization. I was a team leader at the REI store in San Francisco in 2006-2007 when that organization was growing quickly. Although they did many things well, they also suffered some big growing pains during that time that I would love to avoid as BriarPatch begins its growth into a multi store organization. I would love to help keep our eyes on our current members and store on Sierra College to ensure the quality of management, staff and products remain a top priority. Meanwhile, celebrate and strategically expand into a second store so we continue spreading the mission of the BriarPatch outside of our current reach.

Why will you make a good Board Director?

I will make a great board director because I have key strengths that the board needs during this time of growth. I am a strategic thinker that can see patterns where others may see complexity. I am able to quickly run through multiple scenarios which helps me evaluate more accurately the potential obstacles before strategically moving forward. This strength allows me to absorb and analyze information to help inform better decisions. I am also a strong influencer. I can take charge and speak up while making sure others are heard. I am a highly disciplined individual who thrives on timelines and deadlines. Last, and most importantly, I am a team player. I have been on team sports my entire life and have honed my skills as a leader of a greater force. I have an incredible focus that once my team decides the direction it is going, I am highly driven to get to there. On a personal level, I am an endurance athlete who has a strong connection to Auburn, the endurance capital of the world. If we are considering expansion to that area, I’d love to be the voice of those members on the board of directors as we expand there.