Homemade sugar scrub is so easy to make! All you need is sugar, coconut oil and whatever essential oil(s) you’d like to use. Turn your bathroom into a spa and use it 2-3 times a week on your hands, face or body to gently exfoliate and leave your skin silky-smooth.

1 cup granulated sugar, and possibly a little bit more to achieve desired texture
¼ cup refined coconut oil
15 to 20 drops, total, essential oils (lemon and/or lavender)
Melt refined coconut oil on the stove or microwave. Pour melted coconut oil into sugar and mix well to combine. If it’s too wet, add small amounts of sugar and mix until you’re happy with the consistency.
Add the drops of essential oils and mix until well-combined. If you’re using one essential oil, start with 15 drops; if you’re using two, put 10 drops each for a total of 20 drops. Mix until well-combined.
Put into a small glass mason jar and cover with a tight-fitting lid

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