Want to advertise in the Vine Newsletter?

The Vine is available to readers throughout the GV/NC community, and on down the 49 to Auburn.16,000+ copies are distributed through direct mail to co-op owners, inserted into The Union newspaper, and available to pick up in over 50+ locations all over Grass Valley, Nevada City and Auburn. The Vine is also available to read online and emailed to 3,500+ interested readers.

To purchase your ad, please visit: briarpatchfoodcoop.com/collections/vine-advertisements. Artwork will be due within two weeks of your payment. We do not create/edit artwork in-house (except in cases where changes are necessary for printing). Please have artwork ready for print. We’ll send you a confirmation that we’ve received your ad. Please send in artwork to Anna Delgado-Campbell at annac@briarpatch.coop.



Summer 2020 – June/July/August

May 1, 2020

Fall 2020- September/October/November

July 31, 2020


Price and Sizes:
$100 – 3” x 2.5”
$200 – 3” x 5”
$300 – 3” x 7.75”
$600 – 6.125” x 7.75” (Limited spots available)


Ad specs can be found here.