I love and am proud of so many things about BriarPatch.

I love that it is a cooperative, with open membership and democratic control, dedicated to providing healthful, organic products to all.

I am proud we have developed into such a successful and ethical business that we have become a model for other businesses and are able to provide support and training to developing co-ops around the country.

I am proud that we operate under the concept of a “triple bottom line,” measuring our success by our impact in financial, social and environmental areas.

I am proud that, unlike supermarket chains, BriarPatch is a locally-owned business that generates and keeps money in our community and is one of the largest private job providers in the county.

I am proud of the significant steps we have taken toward our goal of 100% renewable energy — investing in our solar array, replacing hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants with natural refrigerants, switching to LED lighting, reducing our single-use plastic packaging and diverting over 60% of our food and other waste from the landfill.

I am so proud of our committed support for local non-profits, including direct donations, our “Cause round up” program at the cash register, and our community volunteer program.

We have the best deli and produce department anywhere. I am especially proud of the program BriarPatch has developed to support our local organic farmers and provide them with a reliable market for their crops. We have also worked with Farmlink to guarantee and provide farmer loans.

I deeply appreciate our wonderful management and staff, who work long and hard to make BriarPatch so successful and welcoming to all. I am glad that we are able to provide them with  good wages and a great benefit package.

And finally, I love that we are a community hub.  I always look forward to shopping at BriarPatch and visiting with friends and staff.


Over the last 12 years our Co-op has grown phenomenally in sales and membership. The Board of Directors has worked effectively and harmoniously with management to make BriarPatch one of the largest and most successful Co-ops in the nation.

During this time, I have served on the Board and have been a part of all the decisions that have shaped our progress, including hiring Chris as General Manager, setting our renewable energy goals and our policies for supporting local organic farmers and non-profits, purchasing our store, revising our by-laws and Policies, adopting the Policy Governance Model as our organizational structure and recently making the decision to open a second store in Auburn.

I have served as the Co-op Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee for the past 7 years, during a time of challenge, growth and expansion on many levels.

I am running for another term on the Board because now, when we are taking one of our biggest steps forward by opening a second store, it is of utmost importance that we have financial continuity on the Board. As a long-time Board member of proven commitment, ability and financial experience, I believe I can make a significant and necessary contribution at this crucial time.

I am so proud of BriarPatch for how well it is run and for all it has achieved and would like the opportunity to continue to help guide it into the future.

I am running for another term on the Board because at this time I believe it is of utmost importance that we have continuity on the Board. I feel that having been my work on the BriarPatch Board Finance Committee for the last 12 years and as the Co-op Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance committee for the past 7 years, I have has contributed to our success.  I also believe that continuity of financial leadership is especially important as the co-op goes forward with its expansion. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of financial records, issuing financial reports and filing of required reports and returns. The Treasurer is also responsible for assisting in hiring a CPA to conduct financial reviews and audits. The Finance Committee itself is responsible for overseeing the financial management of BriarPatch for the purpose of advising the Board.

I am so proud of BriarPatch for how well it is run and for all it has achieved and would like to remain a part of the Board helping to guide it into the future.


Throughout my entire business career, I have been committed to organic agriculture and the natural foods movement.  I strongly believe in cooperative principles and value and encourage input from owner-members, staff and management.

I have extensive, relevant business background. I was the General Manager of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, and for years I owned and operated Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, one of the first organic farm and garden supply businesses in the country. During this time it grew from a small local business to a large-scale national company.

During my 12 year tenure on the BriarPatch Board, I have participated in many Board Development workshops and attended multiple National Consumer Cooperative Management Association conferences. These CCMA conferences provide sophisticated, targeted training which, in addition to my personal business and Board experience, has elevated my understanding and skill as a Board member over the years. I have served as the Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee for BriarPatch for the past 7 years.

Throughout my time on the Board I have worked harmoniously and productively with the other Board members and the Co-op management and staff. I am proud of everything we have accomplished together and of BriarPatch’s extraordinary success.

I feel that I have proven my commitment to the BriarPatch and can help provide the continuity, experience and expertise the Co-op needs as it expands into the future.


I have worked most of my professional life in businesses committed to organic agriculture and the natural foods movement. I was a co-manager and then the General Manager of the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop from 1976 through 1981. We moved to Grass Valley in 1981 and I worked with Amigo Bob at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply for several years. Ultimately, my wife and I bought the business from Amigo and grew it from a small local operation to a successful large-scale national company. We provided the vision for the company’s growth and oversaw all aspects of its operation, including financial planning and management, purchasing, hiring, staff training, research and development, promotion, catalogue, etc. After we sold Peaceful Valley, I continued to do product development for the company for about 11 years. I am now retired.

I have been on the Briarpatch Board and a member of the Finance Committee for about 12 years and have been the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairman for the last 7 years.

My educational background includes a BA from UCSD, a California teaching credential and 3 years post-graduate work at UCD.

I joined BriarPatch in 1984, have been a BriarPatch owner for 37 years, and buy 90-95% of my groceries here.

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