BriarPatch Co-op Community Market strives to offer high quality, nutritional products at fair prices for our owner- members and customers at all times.  We emphasize foods that are organically grown, Non-GMO Project verified ( minimally processed and free of artificial additives. Whenever possible we offer food and other household goods that are grown and/or manufactured in ways that are ecologically sound, sustainably grown and follow fair trade principles. We continue to support locally grown and produced products, small independent companies and those products that are minimally packaged, favoring recycled and recyclable packaging.  We respect the diverse dietary opinions of our members and customers and are committed to improving our selection as products become available to us.

Non-GMO Policy
In support of our ongoing efforts to encourage manufacturers to eliminate GMOs from their products BriarPatch will not promote any item that contains a major ingredient that is at risk for GMO contamination (alfalfa, beet, canola, corn, soy and cotton) unless the product is 95% or more organic ingredients or unless the product is verified by the NonGmo Project.  In store promotions include: Owner Specials, BriarPatch Basics Program, Demo’s, Case Stacks & End Caps, Gift Baskets, BriarPatch Newsletter, BriarPatch cooking classes or BriarPatch Advertisements. This is an internal store policy only and does not apply to Co+op Deals Program sales and coupons which are put together by the National Cooperative Grocers Association.

Due to customer demand or no desirable alternative we may carry products that fall beyond the boundaries of our mission statement. These products will be reviewed periodically by the department managers and merchandising department and replaced by desirable products as soon as they become available.

Download a PDF version of the Merchandising Policy