I feel strongly committed to the co-operative vision. BriarPatch is a great example of how a co-operative endeavor can be so influential in making the world a better place – providing and promoting healthy food; supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture; sponsoring many worthwhile community organizations and endeavors – and so welcoming to all that grocery shopping is a feel-good experience.

Our Co-op Principles and Ends policies are excellent guidelines, and I believe we do a great job in our progress towards fulfilling them. Our policy governance system is an admirable model for keeping us attuned to our vision, running our store, and representing our members.

I’m proud that BriarPatch is a conscientious and inclusive employer; a leader in our community in offering good-paying jobs and benefits working for a talented and empathetic management team.

BriarPatch is a major player among co-ops nationwide.  We are often acknowledged at our annual national conference – even winning a co-op of the year award – as an outstanding example of what a co-op has offer.

I’m continually impressed by our knowledgeable and friendly staff – in the store, the offices, the bakery, and the warehouse. I trust that the products I buy are healthy and fresh.

Our success is enabling us to reach-out beyond our local community to offer all these qualities to yet more people – we’re embarking on spreading the love!


I’ve had the honor of serving as a crew member on a smooth sailing ship, under the guidance of a remarkable captain (Chris), for going on nine years, and I value the small part I’ve played during our many voyages.

Our Board has become more adept and more versatile in these years – We’re more balanced in terms of gender, age, backgrounds, and community involvement. We’re a good mix of veterans who bring seasoned experience and insights, and newer directors who bring fresh ideas and represent many community interests and involvements.  We collaborate well, we’re mutually supportive, and we take seriously our commitment to speak with one voice.

As one of the veterans, I’ve been part of exploring our options for bringing what we do best to more people – purchasing our present store; exploring various new opportunities that have resulted in purchasing our present store and now recently choosing our new location in Auburn. I’d love to be part of contributing whatever I can toward realizing our dream of opening our second store.

If I have the privilege to serve another term, and see our new store up and running (and, of course, also awesome), then it will be my time to step aside and welcome a new director.


Having served in leadership roles as a committee chair, vice-president, and president, I understand our governance system – how our board fulfills its role to set policies and assure that they are carried out; and how we play our limited but important role offering support and expecting accountability of our management team to run the store.

My contributions would reflect how I’ve benefited from our training workshops and retreats, the ample good advice from our consultants, and the admirable examples set by my fellow board members.

I’ve collaborated well with fellow directors and management; I feel good rapport with our general manager and his excellent staff.

I’m proud to have been a part of encouraging several BriarPatch endeavors that support values important to our members– such as our CAUSE round-up at the register  program and our sponsorships of community organizations such as Sierra Harvest.

Although we are fortunate to rely primarily on the specific professional expertise of our staff and consultants, directors who offer skills in finance, organizational management, project development, and community advocacy are helpful to the board’s role in strategic planning. Through my own professional endeavors, background in non-profit organizations, and what I’ve learned from being a Patch director, I’m confident my contributions would be significant.


Current occupation:  Retired

Educational background:

B.A. (Honors Humanities), Stanford; M.A.R. (Master of Arts in Religion), Yale; Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Humanities), Syracuse.

Business & Community Leadership Experience:

Sole proprietor, Viridian Development – a residential and small commercial design/development company.

Sole proprietor, Owner Builder Summer Camp – a jobsite/workshop oriented enterprise teaching hands-on construction and contracting skills.

Founder and Executive Director, Common Ground Communities – a non-profit self-help affordable housing development company.

Founding Board President, Nevada City Schools Foundation.

Parent Governing Council, Nevada City School of the Arts.

Vice President, Gold Country Piano Institute.

Board member, Sierra Green Building Association

River Monitor Volunteer, SYRCL

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