And, according to National Cooperative Grocers, food production including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and waste, is responsible for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, co-ops across the country are poised to be catalysts for change, prioritizing and building a more sustainable food system.

BriarPatch is a part of this movement. We’re excited to announce our 2025 Sustainability Goals and continued participation in the Climate Collaborative. Our commitment to Climate Action is rooted in our First Ends Policy: To act as a leader among local businesses and food co-ops nationally, and contribute to environmental stewardship through our business practices.

Climate Collaborative is a consortium of 694 retailers, distributors and businesses committed to elevating climate action in the natural foods industry. As a member of the Climate Collaborative, BriarPatch has pledged to lower emissions by increasing energy efficiency, reducing food waste, transitioning toward sustainable packaging and supporting climate-friendly agricultural practices and policy.

Have thoughts or questions about the Co-op’s sustainability efforts? Get in touch with BriarPatch Sustainability Coordinator Lauren Scott at

Even amidst the obstacles of 2020, BriarPatch made considerable progress towards achieving these goals. We reduced our use of refrigerants by 29%, and our solar array generated 50% of our energy use in 2020 — a 5% increase from 2019! Additionally, we’ll see greater energy savings in 2021 from projects like the LED lighting retrofit completed in November 2020.

And, we diverted over 60% of total waste from the landfill with the help of several single-stream recycling programs including single-use gloves, flexible plastic film, and waxed cardboard. It’s this kind of commitment that will carry us through to our 2025 goals…and beyond. Stay tuned!