Challenge Yourself!

The problem of plastic…it’s all around us, and single-use plastics create billions of tons of waste each year worldwide. But learning to make small changes can add up to big improvements. That’s what Plastic-free July is all about. It’s a way to challenge ourselves to reduce plastic waste for happier, healthier lives, communities, streets wildlife and oceans. Be part of the solution and join us this July in making new habits that reduce single-use plastic waste. See our infographic below for some alarming numbers on the problem of plastic.


  1. Bring your own reusable bags when you shop. Plastic shopping bags are a huge problem…they start out as fossil fuels and end up as deadly waste in landfills and the ocean. Birds often mistake shredded plastic bags for food, filling their stomachs with toxic debris. For hungry sea turtles, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between jellyfish and floating plastic shopping bags. Cloth bags are stronger and more stylish.
  2. Get yourself an awesome stainless steel water bottle to keep you hydrated all summer, whether you are in your car, or at the river. (See our map for Staff Picks for a Plastic-Free July).
  3. Stop using plastic straws! Get a bamboo or stainless steel one instead. Straws are terrible for wildlife and they emit toxic chemicals while breaking down into microplastics. Yuck. They are the 8th most discovered ocean trash, causing  more than 1 millions seabird deaths each year.

Do these 3 things all month, and maybe you’ll have some awesome new habits that will be part of solving our plastic problem.

If you want more info, start with our Plastic-free Store map so you can find our favorite Plastic-free goodies in our store, get your ticket to see the screening of The Story of Plastic, visit Plastic-Free July’s website. And we’ve got some additional deep-dive resources below the infographic.