It’s Dividend Time!

Owners, the 2014 Annual Report that's in your mailbox includes your dividend voucher.

2014 Patronage Dividend

Knife Skills

Look forward to creating a seasonal Veggie Stew and Green Salad that will be enjoyed with fresh baked bread on Tue., June 9.


The DARK Act

Right now, Congress is debating a proposed law that would block the mandatory labeling of GMO foods at the national and state levels.


Macrobiotic Fresh Spring Rolls

Fresh Spring Rolls with sauces, Thai Carrot Salad, and a Coconut and Azuki Bean Tapioca dessert on Fri., May 29.

Migiwa teaches macrobiotics
2014 Patronage Dividendknife-chopping-onionsdark-actMigiwa teaches macrobiotics

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