To the Moon

A film about co-ops, college students, and an epic bike ride. Free screening Friday, Oct. 24 in the BriarPatch Community Room.

To the Moon Film

Moroccan Tagine Cuisine

Chickpea and Apricot Lamb Tagine; Kabocha Squash, Prune, and Pine Nut Tagine with Root Vegetables; and more on Thur., Oct. 23.

moroccan tagine

Garden Guru

Tuesdays, Sept. 23 - Oct. 28, 1:30-4:30pm at The Patch Patio. For 30 years, Kristin has been growing food gardens and helping clients design their gardens.

Garden Guru

Macrobiotic Basics Series, #2

Millet and Cauliflower, Pressed Salad, Adzuki Squash, and Nishime on Fri., Oct. 24.

Migiwa teaches macrobiotics
To the Moon Filmmoroccan tagineGarden GuruMigiwa teaches macrobiotics

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