Contact the Patch

BriarPatch Co-op
290 Sierra College Drive, Suite A
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Tel: (530) 272-5333 • Fax: (530) 272-1204

Customer Service and Tickets ext.108

General Manager
Chris Maher, ext.100

Operations & Customer
Service Manager
Gwen Birk, ext.126

Produce Manager
David Benson, ext. 109

Perishables & Frozen Manager
Michelle Peregoy, ext. 132

Front End Manager
Mike McCary, ext 138.

Food Service Manager
Henry Harmon, ext. 125

Marketing Manager
Stephanie Mandel, ext. 127

Communications Specialist
Gallery Coordinator
Mellisa, ext. 129

Outreach Manager
Hilary, ext. 134

Human Resource Manager
Joanne Laracy, ext. 120

Finance Manager
Andrea Echegaray, ext. 112

Accounting Manager
Kiyoko Wilcox ext. 103

Grocery & Bulk Manager
Beer & Wine Buyer
Charles Brock, ext. 106

Wellness Manager
Liz Streater, ext.107

Pricing and Category Manager
Julie Hubbard, ext. 116

Community Room Coordinator
Kat, ext. 102