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Order ahead and save time! 530-272-5333 – option 4

MADE-to-ORDER Breakfast  7am to 10am
Hot Food Bar Breakfast  7am to 10:30am
Hot Food Bar Lunch and Dinner  ~10:30/11am to 8:30pm


Introducing the NEW! Cosmic Roots Burger 🍔

Made with: Ground Pork from local Cosmic Roots Ranch, Caramelized Onions*, Fuji Apples*, Havarti Cheese, Mayonnaise, and Cabbage Slaw* on an Onion Bun.

Price: $9.99


Available until: Dec 31


For Daily Soups: Check with Deli 530-272-5333 – option 4

Mac & Cheese, Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Vegan Butternut Mash, Turkey Shepard’s Pie, Maple Glazed Ham, Baked Pinto Beans, Rice Pilaf, Roasted House Vegetables.

Taco Tuesday

Pork Tamale Pie, Chicken Tomatillo Enchiladas, Taco Shells, Artisan Tortillas, Vegan Chorizo, Taco Beef, Lime Cilantro Rice, Mexi Black Beans, Fajita House Vegetables.

                Condiments: Sour Cream, Salsa Fresca, Tomatillo Avocado Salsa, Cilantro Onion Mix, Queso Fresco, Lime Cabbage.


BBQ Chicken Thighs, Yellow Corn Medley, Cheddar Grits, BBQ Tofu Bites, Keto Cheddar Biscuits, Roasted New Potatoes, Green Bean Almondine,  Broccoli & Cauliflower Medley, Roasted House Vegetables.


Beef Moussaka, Lemon Pulihora, Greek Gigantes Beans, Stuffed Shells, Vegan Caponata, Lemon Pesto Wedges, Sautéed Chard with Mushrooms, Roasted House Vegetables.

Fennel Pork, Chicken Alfred Lasagna, Spaghetti Marinara, Parmesan Wedges, Romano Asiago Polenta, Sautéed Zucchini, Tuscan Chard & Bean Stew, Roasted House Vegetables.

Saturday –

Coconut Rice with Peas, Tandoori Thighs, Curry Tofu, Palak Paneer, Chana Masala, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Garlic Wedges, Garlic Naan, Roasted House Vegetables.


Fried Rice, Jasmine Rice, Lo Mein, General’s Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Teriyaki Tofu Bites, Sesame Sweet Potatoes, Szechuan Green Beans, Stir Fry Vegetables.

Hot Bar – $9.99/lb
Fresh every day!
Breakfast: 7am – 10:30am Lunch/Dinner: 10:30am – 8:30pm

Hot Soup 
Serving four different delicious, house-made soups every day.
12oz. – 4.99, 16oz. – 5.99, 32oz. – 9.99

Our Deli proudly uses mostly organic ingredients as well as locally grown vegetables when available. Look for ingredient tags to see what’s organic and local and watch for the non-GMO Project Verified Butterfly logos to show deli choices that use True Story non-GMO-verified sliced meats and cheeses.

Our Deli is here to delight you!

Fresh, all house-made, ready-to-eat meals, side dishes, and baked goods.

Our Ingredients

We use organic vegetables, grains, and beans. All sliced cheeses and meats from the Deli are non-GMO Project Verified from True Story. Cheeses and meats have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, no antibiotics, no added nitrates or hormones, no rBST.

Special Diets

Vegan, wheat-free, raw, and paleo selections are available daily.

Go Mild or Spice It Up

In response to your feedback, we’ve greatly reduced the hot spiciness of many of our Deli dishes, while providing a variety of hot sauces for you to add. The choice is yours!

Salad Bar

Fresh ingredients and prepared salads to choose from.


Every day in our “Grab & Go” section, we offer meals fresh from our kitchen, packaged and ready to enjoy: sandwiches, soups, salads, and entrées — come see our selection!

Deli Service Case

Favorite salads, sides, and entrées.

Rotisserie Chicken

Freshly roasted, no added hormones or antibiotics.

Baked Goods

Cookies, cakes, croissants, breads. A variety of wheat-free and vegan options.

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